Mercury in Libra is about communication, sharing, balancing, teamwork, contracts, agreements, and the beauty of it all.

Mercury is a planet hat helps us to think faster, quicker, and helps us to send the mail with out thought and ideas.

Libra is a sign of relationships and GOD.

Libra helps bring harmony and balance in your life when things seem tough or when you are feeling alone. This is where you let others in the as guest in your life..

Libra is a place where we all seek proper flow of friendship, guidance, and engagements.

This is why Libra is about contracts and paperwork that seals that seals thee deal with others.

Mercury in Libra will help to bring understanding in your relationships.


When you are talking about the air sign that balances, we are discussing making things easier by spitting up the work and grabbing a partner, whether it be a lawyer, a friend,  or starting a new job or business venture in a partnership.

This will help you get the fairness you seek and show you how to keep others whole as well.

How you work with other people and who you let in your life helps you to learn so much more about yourself.

Be sure to be on the side of things where everywhere gets an equal piece of the pie.

Libra prepares you for forming alliances and your closest allies in times of need.

When you get the best deal you can confront personal frustrations and identify when and where you needed others and where you work best independently.

Either way, Libra teaches unity and coming up with a result that makes everyone happy.

This will help you meet yourself.

This could cause disharmony to your personal assets and sacrifices made.

This is in harmony with relationships and learning new things and being more assertive with your words. This could bring changes to who you form bonds with in a great way!

This could challenge your personal needs and the need to address what makes you easily swayed or uncomfortable.

Could cause restrictions in your purpose when you don’t have boundaries or too much of a boundary. Know who or what to let in so you can gain much wanted respect.

Great opportunities for personal love interests, passions, and creative desires. Make time for what you want!


Peace and Love!
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Full Moon in Pisces is about receiving and being open to the magic of your dreams! This is a time that you will be able to gain or insight  for your purpose.

With the Sun in Virgo , we are forced to take a look at our daily habits, routines, and our love of service to others.

Virgo helps us to see with clarity and use  logic and reasoning when we make descions.

When we use our energy properly  and  find the equality in all that we do we can distribute our energy properly.

Once you do that, you can cross the street at 180 degrees Pisces moon and bring truth and freedom to let go of what can’t go with you for this portion of your journey.

Pisces is dealing with releases.

Who or what do you need to let go of?

Where in your life would you like to start over again?

Are you living your dream?

Pisces is a sign of your dreams and can be a very blissful time when everything is in order.

You have time for magic and miracles when everything is squared away on the day to day responsibilities.

Are you seeing what is in front of you?

Pisces represents fantasy, fiction, make believe, illusions, and deceptions.

Your intuition is to cut right through the unknown. Be sure to use your trust and faith when encountering mysterious situations and/or people that seem too good to be true.

The purpose is for us all is to gain a supreme understanding for your life.

If you were on point and on schedule 6 months ago, then this is a great way to flow now and seek acceptance for the things that have taken place.

Avoid distractions as that could take way from this divine moment.



Peace and Love!
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New Moon in Virgo
New Cycle of Wealth and Health


New Moon in Virgo is all about staring a fresh new vibe to your life!
There is something that may need undivided attention in your life.
This new moon in Virgo gives a sense of well being when you decide to make a decision that will serve you right later.
New MOON literally means a phase of new beginnings. Over the next 30 days, you will see why it is important to have someone to depend on, and also to look at the people places and things that help maintain or strain the wealth of your life.
What is the Wealth of your life?
Your health, your job or career, the bills you pay, your pets, responsibilities, and day to day tasks that up keep the care of your relationships and how you break down information, time, and energy.
This New moon is for your own well being, and being told you know that you always have someone in your corner that helps with basic needs and assist with your desires.
This will make it easier and more beautiful experience for when you are on the call for someone else.
Our level of service comes from a personal experience of good deeds and acts of kindness from others.
Take from a humble heart and give with good intention and good grace.

This helps with your intellectual talent and confronts areas where you are easily fooled and can’t see truth in others actions.
Trust and Faith will get your far.

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Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury in Virgo

Mars, Venus, Sun, Mercury in Virgo

Oh Boy! A stellium! Of planets in the sign of Virgo!
Virgo is a sign that deals with things of your logic and reasoning, your ways to analyze information, and then to be careful and responsible with your decision making all from the Virgo part of your chart (whichever house it is in).
In a sense Virgos can be very detail oriented, organized, and very meticulous about everything that they do.
Virgos represent things of wealth in your life that you energy to equally so that it becomes a natural duty or obligation to always serve others.
But first,
You have to check yourself…

Virgos love proper presentation for everything that they do. On a personal level its because they like being reliable or the one that you can depend on, on a deeper level, they seek perfection because they hate criticism or scrutiny.
Be sure to have your own needs taken care of before giving up time for others so that you can be more true to what you are doing.
With the Sun in Virgo, this gives much attention to your desire to be of service to others. Be sure that your energy is being distributed properly to find your power. Be the superstar of your responsibilities.

Venus in Virgo Your money and lover is amongst your routine! If single , you could find love or develop a relationship with someone at work for business or a classmate from school, with them being in your schedule. You could also let your schedule get in the way of your potential mate. In a relationship? You should incorporate your mate into your routine more to examine your partnership for the future.
Try not to sweat the details, yet pay attention to them.
Your pocketbook should be under a microscope, make some inspections….little by little…be easy.

Mars in Virgo
Find out who you are through what is in your schedule. Use this time to study your habits and to incorporate new habits.

Mercury in Virgo
See things clear for what they are so that you can put in motion what is best for you. Best time to quit an addiction or unleash draining relationships.

Peace and Love!
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Changes to be made.

Uranus is retrograding and this can mean much for those that need that second chance or do-over with risks and possible mistakes that you have to recover from.
Uranus is a planet that deals with the miracles and disasters in your life.
This planet also represents where you make your mistakes and can be clumsy, this is also where your bounce back action comes into force. You will learn to make adjustments at the drop of a hat!
Uranus is a very innovative and unique planet that helps you bring out your intellectual side and step your game up.
Gambling anyone?
As this powerful planet is one that normally will jump out of t he norm and be unconventional for the sake of trying things out, there is a reason that you should pay attention to some of it blowing back up in your face during the retrograde.
Uranus is in Taurus at 6 degrees.
Taurus represents your money, values, assets, and materials of wealth.
Uranus in Taurus is a Fall as it is exalted in Scorpio.
Whenever Uranus is in Taurus going direct, it signals a sign of a chance you can take financially and with the right amount of wisdom can bring you out more stable, secure and having a better understanding of your personal value.
This raises your vibration higher than before!
During a retrograde some of these moments of creativity could take a turn and become regret as the planet with unpredictable shifts in your process of building your wealth.
Many may experience loss of finances, inability to keep up with loans, issues with financial institutions, or have to sell property to make it. There is good sense in knowing where you may be accumulating and where you may have to repay later.
You may not have seen thus a clear as before as you do NOW! Trust and faith will walk you through this process.
Without proper pacing and steady determination, you wont learn and you wont move.
Gain the knowledge from those that already know and the things that you can learn from these relationship.
Your confidence and individuality may feel challenged. Be mindful of the spending on entertainment or places of attractions as they be great sources of energy or a way of bringing down the excitement of spending what you don’t have and making this a distraction.
This is in harmony with your discipline with your success and focus in mind and maintaining your daily habits.
This could be a disharmonious time for your growth/ plans, contracts/relationships. Issues in court, marriages and partnerships could surface. Seek balance and prepare.
You will be able to confront areas of loss with people and things with experience and you will make the choice of what is truly important to you.



Peace and Love!
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Your intuition can get you closer to truth when you are seeking it. Your path is determined by your choices and how much you take one thing of interest and nurture it’s growth instead trying to juggle many. Your tool is in exploring yourself and finding your favor in the adventure! Your security is in the focus your put towards your goals. Use the time digesting new information.

Peace and Love!
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Sunday September 8, 2019 (Day of the Sun)

Today is full of light and the joy that the Sun brings! There is a party in your life and you can’t let your past cause a shadow effect. Your tool is in transforming the energy of pain and exposing your wounds for a fresh start. You are healing, growing, and thriving! This is a personal race! No one else can take from your walk. Spend your energy on the things of life that you can spiritually compensate from. Speak your truth. Watch the Universe respond. The time spent on observing your own growth is exceptional.
Peace and Love!
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#astrology #Astorologersofinstagram #planets#universe #universal #zodiac #zodiac signs #horoscope #numbers #numerology#science #Spirituality #SacredGeometry #womenwithlocs #Melanated women #goddess #astros #stars #locs #locstyles #naturalhair #Peacebyyaaris #peace