THURSDAYS SPECIALS (Day of Jupiter) Astro-Journeys!


This is my Thursday Special.

This is dealing with your travels, travel planning, location choosing, vacations, relocations etc! Using your birth information, find out where your light shines the brightest! This session is also great for those in business, travel business, or travel for a living. Making sure that your journey is secure and you are aware of all possible distractions, detours, or danger, this session will also point out possible adventure, opportunity, and bliss!

There is a time and PLACE for everything in your life!

Stay on course with the Astro-journey!

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This is my daily Monday Special! Full Consultation at half price! 1 Hour Session(Regular Price $50)

This is a session to get your week started and to plan ahead for the following 5 days. This session comes complete with notes from the session! (Detailed Notes $10 extra)

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These spots fill up fast!

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Mercury in Taurus


“Thoughts of Appreciation”

Mercury in Taurus since May 13, 2018

This is about getting better and increasing your quality through communication and critical thinking.

This is a time to talk finances, investments, business deals, and acquiring assets, property, materials, and planting the seeds to future plans.

Depending on what house you have Mercury transiting through in your birth chart, this could mean receiving financial assistance from banks and institutions, perfecting the perfect sales pitch to an investor, being delightful in a job interview, or just saying the right thing at the right time to your boss for a promotion.

Legal issues? Mercury in Taurus will have you speaking with ease and you have you speaking with ease and you will be able to communicate effectively with authority figures as you will us your clever and witty ways to move forward. All should be in your favor.

Taurus is a very sensual sign that deals with your senses and rich experiences.

Taurus loves to TOUCH or BE TOUCHED…

This is an Earth sign that needs physical stimulation and arousal to truly enjoy things.

Get or give a massage….

If you are in a relationship or looking to hook up, you may see yourself (or want to) get a little more cozy with your partner, and sharing intimate moments. That is a wonderful exchange just FLOW!

People will be coming together over food.

Many will want to incorporate more food into their sex life as flavors and scents play a huge role on romantic nights. Taurus love having the best of the best! This is champagne, wine, chocolate, roses, etc. Remember this is a royal sign.

Mercury deals with duality, flexibility, and change.

Switching up your way of doing things, professionally, romantically, or just in your personal life is a great, but also be a challenge because Taurus can be a stubborn sign that won’t budge on certain issues.

Be aware of GREED.

This goes all ways, in conversation, overindulgence in food, ego, gossip etc.

Too much of anything can get old quick….and drain your energy.

Know your limits. Enjoy a little of everything, then go home..

Peace and Love

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Mars in Aquarius


“Actively changing”

Mars in Aquarius since May 15, 2018

You could be having a point in your life where something has snapped and began to drastically go in another direction.

This could mean for the better or the worst.

Mars deals with your actions, how you initiate things, where you move fast or impulsively, and where you could or should be the leader.

Mars also deals with where you can be aggressive or get into disputes with others.

So in a sense we have to move quickly to get things done or to be first, yet logically so that we don’t get caught up with major consequences later.

This could make you irrational, hard to deal with, even antisocial. Depending on your aspects, you make not know why you may snap on friends, loved ones, even innocent strangers out in public or on social media.

Be easy.

Aquarius is the Humanitarian.

They care about the greater good of the world with THEIR own little twist!

Aquarius is the friend in school that everyone knows, but not for anything NORMAL or PLAIN! They have their special little quirks that everyone remembers them by.

This is the fashion guru, the star of the drama club, the computer wiz, the comedienne, the tree-hugger, the save-the world, ecofriendly, weirdo, nerd, and half robot all at once!

Imagine putting them in a situation to bring awareness to their cause and drawing the attention of everyone in the middle of a pep rally with their own rant about their passions.

They won’t be moved from their stance.

There will be a big pause…

The crowd is either gonna stand and give a standing ovation……or boo you to death and throw tomatoes.

You wont know unless you TRY!

Wherever you have Mars in your chart is where you are likely to experience this scenario somewhere in your life. Remember this is dealing with your friends, acquaintances, out in public, social media and places of such where you are seen by large groups. This is also where you might part of a group, organization or business where you are beinginfluential and making an impact.

This will also be a time when people will be more adventurous during sex, adding new partners, multiple partners, and exploring their sexuality. You may see more polyamorous relationships and polygamy may come up more in conversation. Mars is a sexually assertive planet and Aquarius is a sign that isn’t afraid of mixing things up a bit. They enjoy the chaos of it all! They are free in their own right and unconventional ways and float through the universe with no cares!

You are changing and your life is ever evolving, but until November 15 there will be more social engagements, parties, networking events, etc, where you will get to show your individuality and be charitable.

You may feel the need to do for someone else, and move the ball of humanity a little bit from your end of the world.

Give all you can, and your efforts wont go unnoticed, as the retrograding planets go direct , they will swing things back in order for you as long as you do the work.

Be mindful of disputes, arguments, being irrational, and causing drastic changes or endings, on jobs ,in relationships, etc.

Make sure you make choices you can bounce back from.

Peace and Love!

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Natal Charts for Children


In this day in time we are all trying to get closer to our children. We want to know what’s going on in their minds and why they may do some of the things that they do.

And lets admit it, children are pretty awesome! They have the best and purest energy to be around. The love, innocence, and overall joy of a child is so important for their development and their lives.

We see certain children and can already see the potential in them.

You can tell if they will be very caring and sweet, good with their hands, good with sports, a great singer/performer, etc.

Chart Reading is a great tool for finding out exactly how your child operates!

You will get the messages that they are trying to relay to you! As they grow and mature it will be easier to understand their language, and to keep an open and honest relationship with your child.

As the bodies are growing, so is the mind, body and spirit!

We have to utilize the correct tools and ingredients to nurture and support each child in their own unique recipe for success!!

Many of the journeys, and choices that a child makes is based off of what they have been taught and exposed to.

We want our children to do well and succeed.

And they WILL.

Just like any other reading you are receiving insight on how to navigate your child accordingly.

We will go through behaviors and thought patterns to ensure that your child has a great experience in this realm.


We will gift them the power of SELF!

The gifts ,abilities, and talents, as well as the struggles, pain, and weakness in a child will shape them into productive adults.

Lets build strong children and pass on our information!

Children’s Natal Chart Readings with Peace By Peace!

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Numerology for the Day


Thursday April 19, 2018 (Day of Jupiter)

Begin a new routine for success. Gain information and expand through heavy planning and through travel (this is physical or mental travel). You will grow. Converse with men for structure and develop boundaries for business and personal. Possible opportunities within a group of friends.


Moon 15 degrees Gemini -Spend time bringing forth ideas, communicate your plans to friends for feedback.

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Numerology of the Day


Today is March 8, 2018 (Day of Jupiter)

Today is simply rebuilding. We can’t change the past. We can only learn from it. The past illuminates your future! You have to remember the past what we consider “bad” times to move forward. As things end, more things will begin! Today there are opportunities! Take advantage! Being great also means sometimes leaving places of comfort because they can keep us stagnant. Move around a bit and open up! You never know who can give you the boost you need.

Moon 21 days and 10 hours, 3rd quarter phase in Sagittarius

Great time to focus on strength, abilities, and what you want to achieve. Plan a short trip, take a walk, eat out, etc.


Call family and check on them. If they live close by, go and pay them a visit! Day of rebuilding and reconnecting with close friends and family, specifically women.

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