Numerology of the Day


Thursday June 7, 2018 (Day of Jupiter)

Such a peaceful day! There is much favor in the day when it comes to love relationships, business dealings, at work, also with court and legalities. The person of higher rank or position will be able to see your potential and want to use your abilities for the good. Great day opportunities and advancement! Take advantage! Be grateful and enjoy moments like this as many other days are full of lessons and work.

Moon- 25 degrees Pisces By Mid-day 1 degree Aries

The feeling of unraveling or being hidden or sleepy will come to a close. The slow movements of the past couple of days should pick up. Your energy will be shifting and you will begin anew and fresh by tomorrow.

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Numerology for the Day

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Wednesday June 6, 2018 (Day of Mercury)

Use your intelligence and wit throughout the day to seal deals and have everything going your way. This is a great time to be actively involved in a group effort towards people and making changes in your living space.

Moon 14 degrees Pisces- You may be feeling like a savior in your duties today. You will have a chance to help someone else. Healing conversations today for clarity.

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Numerology of the Day


Tuesday June 5, 2018 (Day of Mars)

A day of fast movements and getting so much done! This is an energy packed day with much promise for productivity and completion. Be sure not to move so swift that you forget to cover details. You should definitely take advantage of this energy flow to put use to your physical body as well, this will help with your breathing. Watch out for the temper and authority figures as things may not go in your favor.

Moon-2 degrees Pisces- Emotions may run high today. You may feel like you are experiencing something unreal, or that is too good to be true. It could be. Slow down and go over everything using your logic.

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