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Numerology for the Day


Monday June 18, 2018 (Day of Moon)
Unfolding emotions and using intuition to gain information today. You will grow to another level once you arent afraid to go past your usual comfort zones. There is much at stake and much to gain once you get prepared for your greatness!

Moon- 3 degrees Virgo- Be sure to look over details and to balance everything so that there are no unexpected changes.

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Numerology for the Day


Saturday June 16, 2018 (Day of Saturn)
Structure is important when it comes to you realizing your dreams and making your dreams come true! There comes a time to rest and simply listen to the Divine. There are messages in your silence. You just have to take the time to take it all in. Meditation is key today.

Moon-7 degrees Leo- There is much passion today. Take the time to spend on your creations or with children.

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Numerology of the Day


Friday June 15, 2018 (Day of Venus)
Rearranging your duties for what truly sets you free. This is when you are giving a true and real experience to those around you. Having time for your hobbies and things you love gives you a better attitude towards your day to day routines.

Moon-23 degrees Cancer- Getting the feeling of comfort today through the things that you like to do with the people you love doing them with! Move around the energy that may be keeping you stagnant .

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FRIDAY SPECIALS (Day of Venus) Synastry/Composite Charts




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Venus in Leo


“Loving Light”

This is dealing with your balance, peace, serenity, and all things that bring your pleasure.

You may see yourself being more expressive than usual. Those that arent typically affectionate will be feeling the power of love and wanting to share it with everyone!

This is a time that love will be expressed in very bright and colorful ways! There is much romantic music, flowers, candy etc!

Many may experience love at first sight, singing from the rooftops and/or immediate hookups even over the internet with social media or dating apps.

The Queen/King is shining their light!

Venus is dealing with material goods, money, physical assets etc, but it also deals with love, happiness, and the love of others.

Leo is dealing with your confidence, courage, creativity, children, child-like qualities, and attractions.

You can be a superstar of the season by being the bright and shiny YOU that we have been waiting for!

Do you have a gift or ability that you are ready to share or monetize off of?

This is definitely the time to shine as there are many with this transiting in houses that put them out in the forefront for everyone to see. Many will be using their gifts on the screen, stage, or in front of a camera

This is a time for things to really take off and be known for your unique and special ways!

This transit will be a time to shine for some, and a time to seek approval, and encouragement for others.
Watch the ego.

Find your Power.

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Peace and Love!
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Mercury in Cancer


“Emotional Thinking”

This is dealing with your communication and how you relate to others. You may see yourself become more sensitive with your words or feel sensitive from what someone else may have said to you. This is dealing with your intuition as well. There may be more to what someone has said and you can feel the intent whether it was with love or malice.

Mercury is a planet representing your logic and reasoning and also a planet that will adapt to any situation because of how fast it moves it can sometimes leave one feeling confused or all over the place.

Imagine doing that with your emotions.

Cancer is a sign that represents your emotions, your foundation, memory, intuition, and comfort. This sign also deals with family, specifically women and your home life.

This is what happens with Mercury in Cancer. There are emotions that are literally with no seatbelt just riding all over the Universe that may need to be stopped.

This all depends on their destination.

Where do you have Mercury in your chart? What house is it transiting through?

This is important to know!

You need to know if you are the one that may need the comforting and nurturing or if you are needed in that department. For some this could mean pregnancy, caring for loved ones, or inspiring a friend or child with your encouraging words.

This is a learning period for some and a teaching period for others. You can make changes as you graduate through the degrees of family ,love, and forgiveness as this transit will be bring around situations and/or events that can possibly bring families together and bring clarity to many situations.

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Peace and Love!
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