Thursday January 3, 2019 (Day of Jupiter)

Day of communicating your needs and having powerful exchanges with those that can support them. You can grow in the correction of your actions as there is much in store for you when you decide to change your pereception of what your errors are and seek a path of restitution.




Day that your wisdom will be necessary as you are experiencing different situations that may take much thinking. As you process what is taking place, you will be able to see that you have seen or done this before. This will help you to understand yourself better. At this time of discernment, you will be in a state of elevation  once you grow and take the journey of truth to add to your foundation to be free.





Day of knowledge and initiating action in areas that may require you to take the lead and put forth energy for much needed results. There are new beginnings with the right amount of will in place. You may have to be involved in a competition or have to face some type of opponent to regain your independence, but it may be necessary. Build up your support so that in times that you lack motivation or need boost of confidence, you can push forward. This day may reveal some truths that you needed to face.



Full Moon in Cancer represented all the places that you wanted to gain support and get the emotional security that you needed to get the best part of your life started!

This Full Moon was all about receiving whatever it was that you asked for in the past 6 months when there was a New Moon in Cancer (back in July). Your intentions were for the best for the family and the stability for your core of your family.

This night was to add to your favorite people, places, or things that feel familiar and will make you see that what you decide to give  time to will actually help to activate the magic on your life where you may be the most intuitive and have the best memory.

Where were you hurt the most? Where do  you still experience the most sensitivity in your life? This was a time that you were dealing with some pretty touchy subjects that could make you cringe and also make you want a do-over.

All is well!  You could really do something that can change the past and begin anew!

Once you face the things that took a toll on your life and figure out the whys? You will be able to get back to your comfort!


Once you face the things that took a toll on your life and figure out the whys? You will be able to get back to your comfort!

Sun in Capricorn

“Gift of dedication”

 Peace and Love to all the GOATS!

This is an excellent time for business, career, and your overall place in the world!

The universe is shining light on where your success is.

If you have been lollygagging around and being lazy this year, then your life is a result of that.

The past few months you were trying to figure yourself out, you were going through different phases of life, dealing with love, your family, and your own personal objectives.  This is where you put your money where your mouth is and put in the actual work!

Think about all of the things that you want to do and all of the acknowledgement and recognition that will get for it?

Isn’t that a grand thought?

This will take much dedication.

You must know that wherever you have this in your chart is a place that will bring the most obstacles, yet also reap the most rewards.

How do you deal with problems in your life? What are your coping skills like?

Capricorn is here to aid you in that.

All that is based off how you correspond to others and where you focus your attention.

Lets not forget that Saturn and Pluto are there to help whip you in shape and to dig up all the tools that maybe needed for the next 30 days.

People, Places, Things.

People that can help you get to the next level, this could be a personal trainer, a new boss that you are interning for, or even your next potential mate or business partner.

Pay attention!

These people are bringing much into your life, so you definitely need to step your game up to get things done!

You will have to bring your “A” game and allow the right people to bring out the best in you!

The Places that you will have to go will require a grown up more mature version of yourself, you will need to act like a you that no one has ever seen, so that people know to take your seriously and respect the person that you are becoming.

The place is which house in your chart that Capricorn is in. If you have it in the 12th house, this is a decent place for Saturn to be as a tool for your recovery and your spiritual growth.

Your dedication is key during this transit as this is where you need focus and concentration.

You need to be prepared for what may come your way as this where you need to put up the MOST boundaries during this time.

Whatever might take away from the process to your greatness will become very easy to see with this transit.

This may also be a challenge for where ever you have Libra or Aries because your are to be thoroughly involved in your craft and climbing the corporate ladder and can have you possessing a serious and determined demeanor and you have no time for games and distractions. Your home and personal life could suffer from lack of presence here, so make sure you have strong ties and support for your fortune!

Take heed as this is right moment to truly climb to your destiny!

You have so much to prove to yourself!

Peace and love!