Numerology of the Day


Tuesday June 5, 2018 (Day of Mars)

A day of fast movements and getting so much done! This is an energy packed day with much promise for productivity and completion. Be sure not to move so swift that you forget to cover details. You should definitely take advantage of this energy flow to put use to your physical body as well, this will help with your breathing. Watch out for the temper and authority figures as things may not go in your favor.

Moon-2 degrees Pisces- Emotions may run high today. You may feel like you are experiencing something unreal, or that is too good to be true. It could be. Slow down and go over everything using your logic.

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FRIDAY SPECIALS (Day of Venus) Synastry/Composite Charts




This is my Friday Special. (Venus Day)

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All relationships need some maintenance, this is a way to truly navigate you through the ones that are most important! Whether its a potential lover, business partner, employee, repairing the relationship with a parent, or child, or simply getting to know someone better and getting an in-depth  understanding for how you operate together!

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Numerology of the Day


Friday June 1, 2018 (Day of Venus)

Today is a day of analyzing your routine and freeing up more of your time to be social and be amongst those you care about. There is much to unfold in the day! Let things happen as they are, then observe. You may see where you need to make adjustments down the road.

Moon-16 Capricorn- Spending time dedicated to the quality of your life. So much time is spent on the destination, not the journey. Just be today.

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THURSDAYS SPECIALS (Day of Jupiter) Astro-Journeys!


This is my Thursday Special.

This is dealing with your travels, travel planning, location choosing, vacations, relocations etc! Using your birth information, find out where your light shines the brightest! This session is also great for those in business, travel business, or travel for a living. Making sure that your journey is secure and you are aware of all possible distractions, detours, or danger, this session will also point out possible adventure, opportunity, and bliss!

There is a time and PLACE for everything in your life!

Stay on course with the Astro-journey!

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This is my daily Monday Special! Full Consultation at half price! 1 Hour Session(Regular Price $50)

This is a session to get your week started and to plan ahead for the following 5 days. This session comes complete with notes from the session! (Detailed Notes $10 extra)

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Numerology for the Day


Monday May 28, 2018 (Day of the Moon)

Today you are in a place of “Higher Learning”. You are feeling expansive. You may want to travel or are traveling, you can also set plans and see further in new places! This could be a mental or spiritual place where you want MORE! Use what you have already learned to get ahead.

Moon 1 degree Sagittarius- Feeling of the future are growing! Set your goals so that you can execute it accordingly! You may feel like traveling or moving. You may also be receiving expected or unexpected guests. Watch your eating today.

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Mercury in Taurus


“Thoughts of Appreciation”

Mercury in Taurus since May 13, 2018

This is about getting better and increasing your quality through communication and critical thinking.

This is a time to talk finances, investments, business deals, and acquiring assets, property, materials, and planting the seeds to future plans.

Depending on what house you have Mercury transiting through in your birth chart, this could mean receiving financial assistance from banks and institutions, perfecting the perfect sales pitch to an investor, being delightful in a job interview, or just saying the right thing at the right time to your boss for a promotion.

Legal issues? Mercury in Taurus will have you speaking with ease and you have you speaking with ease and you will be able to communicate effectively with authority figures as you will us your clever and witty ways to move forward. All should be in your favor.

Taurus is a very sensual sign that deals with your senses and rich experiences.

Taurus loves to TOUCH or BE TOUCHED…

This is an Earth sign that needs physical stimulation and arousal to truly enjoy things.

Get or give a massage….

If you are in a relationship or looking to hook up, you may see yourself (or want to) get a little more cozy with your partner, and sharing intimate moments. That is a wonderful exchange just FLOW!

People will be coming together over food.

Many will want to incorporate more food into their sex life as flavors and scents play a huge role on romantic nights. Taurus love having the best of the best! This is champagne, wine, chocolate, roses, etc. Remember this is a royal sign.

Mercury deals with duality, flexibility, and change.

Switching up your way of doing things, professionally, romantically, or just in your personal life is a great, but also be a challenge because Taurus can be a stubborn sign that won’t budge on certain issues.

Be aware of GREED.

This goes all ways, in conversation, overindulgence in food, ego, gossip etc.

Too much of anything can get old quick….and drain your energy.

Know your limits. Enjoy a little of everything, then go home..

Peace and Love

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