Numerology for the Day


Today is Monday February 26, 2018. (Moon Day)

This means that there is much wisdom in new beginnings or the beginning of the end with friends and acquaintances. We are either learning from our past mistakes to rebuild or mending ourselves from the past so that our future is not destroyed. Today is about Death. Not a physical death, yet a mental or spiritual death. Death brings life. All is a cycle. Somethings have to die or END for others to take form. There is much value to having a routine and a plan for what it is that you are trying to do with your life. When you have that in order, you will begin to see more and more who or what fits in your life and its easier to make these decisions. Not  everyone can go where you are going so be selective about who is in your circle and who you share your dreams with.

Talk to Mama…

Yes the Moon! Luna.. The majestic One!  At 11 days and 3 hours old right now, she is in Waxing Gibbous Phase a perfect time use your gut with relations with others. This is also a time for minor magic or small intentions and gestures as the lunar energy is waning.


Learn from communicating and developing an understanding with others so you know where you fit in their lives and where to put them in yours as far as personal, business, networking, spiritual contacts etc. A beautiful day of connecting!





Why So Fast? 5 Reasons to slow down.



Yes. There are a million things to do, many hats that you wear, many places to be and  too many people that count on you for SO much! Yes you are capable. Yes you are determined. So, why are you rushing?

Going somewhere? Check if there is gas if the car first! No not the one in the driveway/garage, the one in what you use the MOST, your body.

We always want to be there and ON TIME! Wherever THERE is….in the process we tend to feel like there is some reason to get there fast and in a hurry…..WHY? Who told you to move so fast? Who gave you a deadline? What are the consequences? Who is REALLY I’m charge or in control? Certainly NOT YOU, if  you waking up everyday and don’t take the time out to give thanks, clear your mind, and simply BE.

It’s easier than you think….or NOT think! (My point EXACTLY!) Be. Just cruise through your life worry-free and in control. People that have control DON’T RUSH! People that have control know are very RICH! And no NOT just like the millionaires  and celebrities that we see on TV. They are rich in time, love, mind, materials, and the DIVINE! They have plenty of patience, courage, and  wisdom to know that all is well and ALL happens perfectly!

These people know there power and have a very strong sense of SELF, which is why they don’t need to move too fast. These people TRUST. These people are ALWAYS on time. These people are TRULY INTUNE!

Here are 5 tips to help you be richer INSIDE so that it expands and overflows to the OUTSIDE! Relieve your mind, body and spirit of dense, low vibrations that keep you from being your true, powerful, awesome, fantastic self!:

  1. Everything is as it should be. — Ok so here is a scenario: You wake up late and will now be late to work and the children late to school. What do you do? Or what would you NORMALLY DO? Stress, run around, yell for the children to hurry, forget breakfast, have on mitch- matched socks, and then to find there isn’t ANY gas in the car!!  This is a great moment to decide. “I am in control.” Or ” I am gonna have a heart attack!” stressed-woman-cartoon-2-tiny Everything is as it should be. You have SO much power in a situation like this! First calm down. Be grateful. You woke up. (I trust that there is would another kind of panic had you not, for your family and loved ones:).  You will get there safely and on time, IF you decide to even go! You are still in control! You can’t STILL take your time. Everything will still be there. Be without rushing. Just make sure when you show up you, DELIVER! You can make it a sick day, a staycation for the family, sleep-in (you need the rest anyway), a day to clean up and organize. A write-up at work, a stern look from your boss, or an impatient sigh from the lady to sign your children’s tardy slip isn’t YOUR business, understand these were probably already pending issues or judgments that AREN’T in your control, so what exactly are we worried about?

2. Present and Truth is NOW! Yes again. We are magical, powerful, beings that can focus on a thought to the point that it manifests into physical existence, yet what a lot of us cease to remember that this is also for negative thoughts. Think more positively to raise your vibration and to know you are in control. Nothing is more “On time” than your breath! BREATHE! That is the TRUTH! Of course you can foresee the outcome of events because of events leading it up to it……But Why I pray does it have to be BAD? Why ASSUME that you will get fired for being late? Why ASSUME that people at the school will talk about you for the children being late AGAIN? Why assume that you are  the most unprepared person on Earth because you forgot to put gas in the night before? WHY any of it at all? The truth is that every time you breathe you have PURPOSE. Your purpose may have been for something or someone else that day.

3.Resisting pushes you back. Pretty much the Ego. If you are resisting or pushing against a situation, it means that you have NO trust. No GOD. No higher power. No time. No money.  No Love. No Divine. You have nothing that gives you the sense of security with yourself…Rushing, stressing, and worrying is giving a sense of LACK and that you don’t have everything that you need. There is a signal that there isn’t enough. You are saying that the universe isn’t moving fast enough, now you feel YOU have to do it! Let go! Be in control without control. Just like riding your bike or driving your car, you are in control of the wheel, yet NOT in control of other drivers and how they operate THEIR vehicle. What most of us do is drive the best way we can with control over OUR vehicle and have the faith, courage, and trust that you are protected.

4. You aren’t in LOVE. Yes! This is the most important ingredient to Self LOVE and Self CARE. Being “In love”, No not just with a man/woman. In love with YOU! In love with LIFE! In love with your opportunities and growth! When you are IN LOVE you BECOME LOVE! Be in love with your family, your career, your lover/spouse, and most of all…YOURSELF! When love is present, there isn’t space for anything else. You are either stressing or BEING? Decide today! With love there is no such thing as time, and time should only be focused on LOVE. Nothing can bother you when the excitement of what is next brings constant thrills….STRESS WHO?thZAGBPWUE

5. It’s all about YOU! Oh you must have forgotten? This IS YOUR world…or at least your section of it. When it comes to your life, YOU are the superstar! We need our superstar to be refreshed, healthy and ready for ANYTHING! So spend time on self and spend time WITH self! This is very vital to building a solid relationship with yourself and developing your confidence, this begins with: healthy goals, planning ahead for your week/month/year, healthy eating, keeping your home/work environment neat and tidy, and maintaining a journal or diary. Recording your day helps you to look back over your patterns and routines then find your triggers that make you stress out/lose control.


Overall you want to be able to smile and get through tough situations without putting your body in a tough place having to feel the external pains of your internal thoughts. Every time you panic and get anxiety from not getting THERE….First make sure you are HERE.



15 Ways to know if someone is Toxic



Ever been around someone that seemed to literally suck the oxygen and energy out of a room? When they come around or all of sudden as you enter the area that the are in your energy level began to sink and you feel defensive as if someone is attacking you, even though sometimes they may not have said anything yet? How about when you hear that person’s name when they aren’t even around and you tense up a little because of your protective antennas that go off like a couple of guard dogs at a gate.

Here are 15 ways to detect this behavior and to trust yourself when you experience it, whether it is a family member, friend, spouse, or co-worker:

1.You FEEL it. -Yes you can feel it in your body and your body stores information and will sense things that can protect you. Everyone has an energy field and you can tell when yours is being violated because of unexplainable feeling in your body, ( kinda like when the weather changes outside from sunny to rainy)=

2.They bring the clouds. (low vibrations) Yes as said before in number 1 they will bring the clouds on a beautiful day. This is important to pay attention to especially because people don’t always act how they feel. You can see through it though. Regardless if they say everything is “ok”.

3.They complain all the time. These people don’t know how to be happy, they find a issue with EVERYTHING! This is pretty self explanatory. Something is always WRONG with them, and nothing is ever RIGHT! All they see is the worst side of everything. Stay away. All they know or WANT to know is pain.

4.They prompt arguments. These people are so frustrated with life and are under the pressures of not knowing SELF and personal power. These individual will find ways to take it out on others to not deal with personal issues. These are anger filled people that can be dangerous if you let the behavior get out of hand or stick around because they only know to project.

5.Very Petty. EVERYTHING is a problem! Or they create and make it that way. Imagine someone making something very small and stretching it to the size of your head. These people will hang onto ANYTHING to go back and forth about. The same as number 6 but on another level because it doesn’t necessarily have to turn into an argument. This behavior is simply to steal energy and to deflect.

6.Passive Aggressive behavior. This is what I call “The long way home”. There is something to be said and expressed.  They will go across town just to get to a store, when there is one on the corner in your neighborhood. This person lacks confidence and communication skills. How else will you know they are upset with you?

7.They play victim. The “Who me?” You already know who this is in your life. They will never admit their wrongdoing. How else will they get away with it? Understand this takes intelligence to get this off. These people need to get away with a crime and will cry their way out of it

8.Talk about others. And not just TALK about them. They actually tear people APART!! Please beware with this person….you will be next if they can’t keep their emotions to themselves.

9.They don’t share your joy. Simply put. The ones that are happy when you are sad and sad when you are happy. Anything to not see you smile, do well, or get ahead. Don’t take it too personal. That is THEIR issue not yours! You can tell when someone is being genuine with you.

10.They enjoy your failures. As soon as you tell them you are getting evicted, getting a divorce or that your business isn’t doing well, they get a sudden burst of energy and all is well in their lives. ….Pay attention some will actually smile or laugh. (This is a subconscious action) yet somethings can only be hidden but so long.

11.They try to turn others on you. Seems like their behavior towards you is team THEM when you are around others. They have jokes, sarcasm, and show the underling jealousy by talking negatively about you or purposely trying to have you seen in a negative way.

12.They are manipulative. You have seen them do it to others and maybe even yourself. They plot and plan and set situations up in their favor or for others failures.

13.They love DRAMA! Your drama, his drama, her drama, EVERYBODYS drama! They are truly entertained by things going out of control for others AND themselves! Especially when they do it to themselves, they don’t respect themselves, why would you be ANY different when its time to perform?

14.They bring you down. Whether its your energy, confidence, reputation, etc. These people don’t see themselves with much so they won’t expect the same for you. They only want for their friends and loved ones what they want for themselves. If they have no plans or goals. They can’t truly support YOURS!

15.They are in competition with you. Everything you have, they “already” had, or they mention how you gained weight when they have been losing so much. Or how you are “finally” getting your degree. You can tell if someone is pushing you to better or making sure you aren’t better than THEM! Keep them out of your space. The BEST competition is with SELF! Otherwise its a waste of time.

Yes very likely you have been around a toxic person. While we are on the subject let’s get to this very subject of being toxic. The energy from that individual is very dense and heavy, and this could be ANYONE! We all have family and friends/acquaintances that may seem to put a damper on the day sometimes. Pay attention! Before we actually call them completely “Toxic” people, we have to look at the surrounding events that lead up to a final judgment. I always call this “Ignorance or Intent”, some people, like most of us don’t realize how actually toxic they are. These people don’t even sometimes, know so you have to look at the overall situation dealing with a person’s life and  what they may be going through and subconsciously acting out. Either way your job is to preserve SELF. Yes we always want to help others and make sure that they are on the up and up, but NEVER at the expense of SELF!

Mercury in Pisces




“Learning and Communicating with Trust” Or “Learning to Trust”.

Pisces are always dealing with belief and trust, yet also deal with things that may not sometimes be so true. Pisces is a sign of personal truths in every since of the word. This explains their artistic, creative ways along with the uniqueness and the talents that come off so effortlessly different from anyone you have ever met. These “personal truths” however are sometimes not supported by reality which is the main reason Pisces are the “Magicians”, somethings can be a beautiful truth or a even MORE beautiful lie. Be careful if you can’t SWIM! The fish can lure you in with their sweet talking ways of relaxation and unwinding, all could be under a guise.

This is a good time to test your emotional skills, coping skills and to explore your swimming feet. If you never knew how to be alone, this is the time NOW! Be without too many friends and socializing, dating, jobs, and “happiness” that doesn’t seem REAL or genuine. When dealing with Pisces you are also dealing with endings or enemies. With astrology, when we speak of “enemies” or “lovers”, we are not always speaking of a person. Sometimes these are places, things or habits that we have that could very well be an enemy to your success if you let it.

This is a great time to evaluate all connections now, so that you have the right people, places or things around you by the Astrological New Year (March 20). Be mindful of staying on tasks and doing all that you promised yourself since last year. All is well! All is gonna happen if you move your feet and GO!

Get plenty of sleep, and invest in your dreams! If you can see it, it is already happening! Take your time and decide what is best for your life! Be sure not to have any negativity around you during this magical time of manifesting!

As the year comes to a close and the fishes comes to the surface of truth, light and freedom ,we all learn to use supreme understanding which is live of the Divine.

Peace and Much learning this season!

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Sun in Pisces!


Sun in Pisces or as I call it “Shining light on hidden magic”. This is a time for magic, creativity, and imagination….Depends on what end of it all you are interested in. Pisces is the 12th sign and is ruled by Neptune. This is the last of the three water signs and the mutable sign that will pull into a truth or the deceptions of your life. How honest are you with yourself? How honest are you with others? There is a fine line with truth or reality is when you are treading in the deep and mysterious waters of Pisces.

Now that the we have the confidence to cruise through the next 30 days we have light and power in normally dark or hidden things in areas of our lives that we can SEE and navigate through the bottom of the ocean. Spirituality, veiled thoughts, self undoing and unraveling, dreamy love and affection, meditation, the supreme and trust are all things that Pisces Suns Or Moons can relate to. There is a balance of everything or you overflow and spill through your regular routines and obligations! These two fish have different missions and go in different directions, this is why Pisces Sun or Moon signs are often indecisive and usually just go where the trust is.

How are you using yourself? Are you using your “whole” self down to your FEET? Your feet will guide you and show you where to go even if you had no eyes! Pisces is dealing with deep intuition, which explains why most Pisces are said to be “off their rocker”, because they do things THEIR way with ZERO explanation other than they “Believe” and have some feeling about something that they just KNOW is right or wrong.

Where in your chart is Pisces? This is also an area where you may feel misunderstood, where you seek the most acceptance and answers, and also where you can escape the rest of the world. Wherever you have Pisces in your Birth chart is also where you may try to save others or the feeling or need to save and rescue others. I call this the “Christ” behavior, a behavior when a person may spend there time to help, save, and uplift others being a service to them JUST to escape SELF. Make sure that we are doing things to truly help others because we have the time or energy, NOT because we are running away from our OWN Nightmare of a life! Be honest with yourself. This is the time to do it.

LOVE: Instant attractions, love-at-first-sight type of thing whether it be an opposite sex, a new hobby, pet, food, or place to travel. FLOW! FLOW! FLOW! Be in the moment and ride this Piscean wave of relaxation and self evaluation.

MONEY: Be wise with spending as your funds may seem one way now, yet we are full of things that “may not truly be” at this time. All could be an illusion. Pay attention to spending ON illusions on the positive influence of this could mean using funds or materials on your creations, whether it be art, music, science, fashion, etc! This is a time  to trust SELF and put it out there that it is coming back to you plentiful and in the perfect way! In the possibly negative influence this could also mean using funds or materials for self undoing, too much relaxation, laziness,  overindulging in drug/alcohol use, lying, stealing, and people seemingly “NOT HERE”.

Family: This is a time to confront past events that may still be floating around in your subconscious mind that you can go ahead to let go of so that you can make room for the awesome things that are unfolding!

With Sun in Pisces overall we are shining a flashlight on places we typically don’t like to frequent alone, but its most vital for growth.

The darker it is there NOW, the brighter it is when the light RETURNS!

Sun in Pisces where you bring your life together through the Truth of the Divine where its best to literally stand on your two feet!

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Weekly Specials…




🌟TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE FULL “BLUE” SUPERMOON 🌟: The January 31, 2018 lunar eclipse falls at 11°37′ Leo Sign. However, due to the precession of the equinoxes, this eclipse is in Cancer Constellation.
Lunar eclipse January 2018 sits between two fixed stars in the Crab Constellation.
The lunar eclipse January 2018 astrology chart below shows the Moon right next to Ceres. This is an extremely powerful conjunction with only 0°02′ separating them falls at 11°37′ Leo Sign.

Minor planet Ceres rules motherly love, female reproductive issues, family bonds and relationships. As a virgin goddess, Ceres represents independent single women and sole parents. As a grain goddess, Ceres rules the growing of plants and food crops, the harvest, natural resources and the environment.

The Moon represents your emotions, subconscious, habits, memories, moods, mother, maternal instincts, nurturing, home and your need for security.

Set your intentions for your life, make your Moon Water, and relax your mind for the healing that is to come!

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