THURSDAYS SPECIALS (Day of Jupiter) Astro-Journeys!


This is my Thursday Special.

This is dealing with your travels, travel planning, location choosing, vacations, relocations etc! Using your birth information, find out where your light shines the brightest! This session is also great for those in business, travel business, or travel for a living. Making sure that your journey is secure and you are aware of all possible distractions, detours, or danger, this session will also point out possible adventure, opportunity, and bliss!

There is a time and PLACE for everything in your life!

Stay on course with the Astro-journey!

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Numerology of the Day


Thursday May 31, 2018 (Day of Jupiter)

This is a day of beginning your foundation with serious determination. There are many opportunities around you and the energy of the day is of business and tasks.

Collect your thoughts and put them in the right place to dish out the energy needed and keep emotions under control.

Moon-5 degrees Capricorn- A mood of dedication towards your purpose. Get started!

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Numerology for the Day


Wednesday May 30, 2018 (Day of Mercury)

Strong mental energy today. Endless conversations, negotiations, and ideas that are over the place! The more you build with others, the more you build yourself! You can use today to get much done!

Moon 27 degrees Sagittarius- Growth in plans through effective communication and great foresight.


Numerology for the Day


Tuesday May 29, 2018 (Day of Mars)

Being active in social settings is great today! Network to get the best of your business, product, or service to others with passion and excitement! Show your peers why they should invest in you! Try not to be too impulsive as your ideas and plans can end up in the right hands at the wrong time or the wrong hands at the perfect time for you to soar! All is a lesson! Pay attention to get the most of this influence.

Moon- Sagittarius- Taking your dreams and making them grow larger than ever! This is when you are surrounded by the right and quality group of people.

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This is my daily Tuesday Special!

This is quick response, straight to the point consultation.

This is great for quick decision-making. Time convenient for those that are on break at work, before a test or interview, instant confirmation on a “hunch”, etc!

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This is my daily Monday Special! Full Consultation at half price! 1 Hour Session(Regular Price $50)

This is a session to get your week started and to plan ahead for the following 5 days. This session comes complete with notes from the session! (Detailed Notes $10 extra)

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Numerology for the Day


Monday May 28, 2018 (Day of the Moon)

Today you are in a place of “Higher Learning”. You are feeling expansive. You may want to travel or are traveling, you can also set plans and see further in new places! This could be a mental or spiritual place where you want MORE! Use what you have already learned to get ahead.

Moon 1 degree Sagittarius- Feeling of the future are growing! Set your goals so that you can execute it accordingly! You may feel like traveling or moving. You may also be receiving expected or unexpected guests. Watch your eating today.

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