This is my daily Tuesday Special!

This is quick response, straight to the point consultation.

This is great for quick decision-making. Time convenient for those that are on break at work, before a test or interview, instant confirmation on a “hunch”, etc!

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Numerology for the Day


Monday July 9 , 2018 (Day of Moon)

Day of using your intuition to expand and take what you feel to another level! So much more to gain when your trust yourself! You have faith in yourself so you can navigate your way to your success and peace.

Moon-degrees- Taurus- You need to appreciate yourself more. The ups and downs of life are also your lessons and bliss. There is not one without the other.

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This is my daily Monday Special! Full Consultation at half price! 1 Hour Session(Regular Price $50)

This is a session to get your week started and to plan ahead for the following 5 days. This session comes complete with notes from the session! (Detailed Notes $10 extra)

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Numerology for the Day


Saturday July 7, 2018 (Day of Saturn)

Day of God/Higher Power, wonderful  day to rest and take in all that has taken place from the week. Just moments to reflect on the grace that you have been shown and the days that you truly made it through!

Moon- 29 Aries- You should have a change of energy to day and learn something new about yourself.

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Numerology of the Day

thCFCQXBYSFriday July 6, 2018 (Day of Venus)

Today you are understanding the importance of your responsibilities and being dutiful in all areas of your life. You need to see that your obligations are not a burden but a part of you that you makes you great and keeps you grounded. There is power in being needed as it shows your value.

Moon- 18 degrees Aries- Take time to spend time alone and apricate the simple things in solitude. Make sure your actions are active today and not aggressive.

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FRIDAY SPECIALS (Day of Venus) Synastry/Composite Charts





This is my Friday Special. (Venus Day)

Love Tarot/Relationship Charts for 50% OFF!

All relationships need some maintenance, this is a way to truly navigate you through the ones that are most important! Whether its a potential lover, business partner, employee, repairing the relationship with a parent, or child, or simply getting to know someone better and getting an in-depth  understanding for how you operate together!

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