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Specializing in Natal Chart Readings and Color Therapy.” Life is GOOD!” Is our Motto! We are without the things that can go wrong when everything we choose to see is so RIGHT! You are magical, you are worthy, powerful, and true! The important part is attracting the magic everywhere you are! Connect with me and let’s explore the journey of truth, abundance, wisdom, love, and developing your own personal connection to the DIVINE!

Blogs, videos, and letters to you, to keep you at your BEST self!

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Here at Peace By Piece Consulting, this is where your comfort and balance is valued!! Your needs are FIRST!!

I am an Astrologer , Intuitive Coach, Professional Organizer, and Healer.

My services include but are not limited to:

Personal Spiritual Advisor– Ask about monthly and weekly rates.

Weekly reading through personal visit , phone call, email, videochat or text! Your choice! Flexibility for different schedules available!

Natal Chart Readings -Chart Reading based off of the conception date and interpretation following events, relationships and overall success of life.

Birth Chart Readings-Chart Reading based of actual birthday, time, of location. This is past, present and future events in your life that can help answer the whys?

Numerology Readings- Numbers that keep appearing? following you? showing up in dreams? different numbers and combinations. You don’t know what it means? Want to know your lifepath number and how it applies? This is the reading that will break down the numbers!

Dream Interpretations-Interpretation of dreams and subconscious thoughts, fears, etc. Certain events take on a life of their own and take place in your mind. This is also how you receive your messages!

Tarot Card Readings– 1, 3,5 or 12 card pull!

Instant answers from your chart in the cards! Pull a card and the Universe will deliver! This is your current life and these readings last within 28 -30 days.

Home or Personal Sage Cleansing-Clearing the home and maintaining the divine! Also personal body sage cleanses for children, pets, and work!

Aroma Therapy -Scents and flavors just for your relaxation! Based off of your birth chart and what works best for you!

Housewarming Clearing-Get your home ready for the magic! Clear negative energy and rid your home of low vibrations. Very effective!

AstroTravel – Traveling soon? Where are you going? What are you doing? Who will you run into?? Check it out!

Lets chart your travels! When we do travel forecasting we can tell you the best and worst days to go, danger ahead? sickness? or WHERE to go!

I can chart your location ANYWHERE in the WORLD!!

I can also show you the best places for work, vacation, or spiritual journeys.

Professional Organizing– clearing clutter and getting you organized for clarity and success! This is a powerful move restructuring your work area or personal spaces at home has an awesome affect on the mind, body, and spirit! This is great for your health! Specialized in Fung shui and color techniques.

Yard/Garage Sales- Help you get the most bang for your buck! As you get lighter and your home becomes more spacious, you can cash in on those old belongings for NEW or to just SAVE!

Donations/Hauls– Are there just things that you want to get rid of? We will pick it up to donate or for resell!

Move-Ins/Outs – Let me help you organize your move-in/out! Packaging, boxing, and more!

The health of your mind, body and spirit is vital!

Everything that we bring into our life or into our home/body is based off of a decision that we made along the way.

YOU get to decide what to keep and what to get rid of! YOU have the power! Only YOU know what you need!

Any of my services that I provide are all personal. Your privacy will be protected. This is a Divine Practice.

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Yaaris Bey

Peace By Piece Consulting

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Peace and thanks for your time.

Yaaris Bey