Full Moon in Sagittarius

This full moon will be in the constellation of Sagittarius. This will have you feeling expansive, full of energy and vigor to get things done! You may want to travel or already be  traveling for business, or personal pleasure! Some us may be having expected or unexpected visitors, also a spontaneous trip out of town may come up and change the direction of your day.

The explorer is on a mission!

The Sagittarius has excellent foresight. What plans do you have for your year?  This is an awesome opportunity to get things in motion on this Sagittarius Moon!

Wherever you have Sagittarius in your chart is a place where you can truly grow! This is also where you like things on another level! So dealing with ideas, your house, or car, etc, you are interested in life on a much larger scale.

So as many of us are making room for things,