This day is great for analyzing and gathering together information needed to make necessary moves. Your intuition may be more on point than ever as it shall lead you to make responsible decisions and to stay true to obligations. Your tool today is your schedule. Staying on tasks helps you to get ahead for later situations. When you are accountable for yourself, it is easier to get things done and to see clearer for others and to be an addition to their day.

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After Scorpio Clean up!

yThere comes a time when we all have to be out with the OLD and IN with the new! So much has accumulated during the Venus retrograde, and so much was lost. Now this is a time that you clear out areas of your life that could be causing blockages and sort through what you need for your growth and compensation! Be mindful that Mercury is now retrograding and will have your calculations and thinking off. 

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There may be tensions today. Emotions may be high for some depending on how you choose to direct this energy. You are in the thick of the Scorpio fog as the veil is thinner and its easier to feel, see, and hear the heaviness and darkness of it all. The choice is yours to use your light to shine on the mysteries and uncomfortable  moments that may be taking place. Keep your eyes open for answers and confirmation. By all means look before you leap!

SUN 14 degrees Scorpio

MOON 1 degree Scorpio

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Uranus Retrograde


Uranus Retrograde from August 7, 2018 January 6, 2019

This is a time to really use yourself and trust what you are capable of.

Uranus is a planet of risky behavior.

Uranus is a planet that you have to understand to truly get the most out of the planet, as Uranus is a very incredible planet that will switch up the game plan as fast as it was conceived.

The rebellious planet that usually brings the chaos and confusion, yet stimulates your intelligence and creativity will have you spinning out of control.

The ruler of Aquarius heavily influences how you get your message and purpose to the world in your own unique way.

Aquarius is also the humanitarian, the one that share with the world, and do anything to help save and shape the lives of the world.

Uranus adds the pressure and the change that will have you finding special, and unique ways to utilize your intelligence and navigate yourself through unexpected situations.

Uranus is the risk taker.



Wherever you have Uranus in your chart is where you were rolling the dice in your life, which can either help you or hurt you.

Uranus is in Taurus

Taurus is the money, value, and material wealth that you possess in your life, these are your property, assets, and your body.

Uranus in Taurus is risks and taking chances with your value.

This means the potential of incredible gains, and/or loss in a particular area in your life.

With Uranus retrograding now there are past situations that may reappear for lessons or bliss!

Anytime there is a place that you were taking a chance on something or someone and either suffered the consequences or never got to see the results, this is the time to see the other side of things now.

You will get the objective view on past decisions that will help you with current ones.

I’m sure that all will go in your favor and you will do well!

Happy transiting!

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Take Care of Business, Don’t let Business take care of you.


Procrastinate much?

Yes, I’m aware that we all have times when we wait until the very last minute to complete a much needed project, schedule a doctor’s appointment, choose a gift for a wedding, get your hair done, pick your children up from school etc. Why?

Let’s be honest because we are always “think” we have plenty  of time, so we put it off. WHY? Because we also like to believe that we have super powers that get us in the right place at the right time. Why? Because WE DO!!

So in the mean time what do we do? We stress, we worry and push those things in the back of our minds and our schedules because the anxiety of actually getting started takes over you, so you find something “else” that most times is even less important to busy yourself with or you just get lazy all together. You lack motivation, and it overwhelms your energy, you begin to think negatively about the outcome, so now NOTHING gets DONE! This feeling will now become part of your physical, you begin to experience pain, headaches, chest aches, etc. When everything works out in the end, the damage to your mind, body, and spirit is already done.

Your temporarily lost trust, and/or lost “self”, and even though you landed on your feet, your body(vehicle) still took a hit. You still took yourself through the motions.Procrastination-

This is the reason why I always say: “Take care of your business, Don’t let your business take care of you!” Oh and it WILL.

When the business isn’t taken care of, you are showing you have no control. When I say there isn’t any control this means either you have no control over everything that is on your plate (taking too much on) or that you have other habits, addictions, and distractions that could have your mind and time tied up and cuts into productivity.

Is it possible that a calendar, computer, and phone can demand your time and tell you what to do? Yes, it is possible, but we shouldn’t let it happen. Our responsibilities in life shouldn’t be juggling us, we should be juggling THEM and putting them in their respective places.

Remember, your body is a place to view the world from  and there are many things that it requires to thrive and give you your best life experience! The most important part life is the breath, and the inhale and exhale of simply breathing. When business is taken care of and all your ducks are in a row, you truly FLOW!



Collect items that can help with grounding, relaxation, and focus:

Candles, Incense, Essential oils, crystals/stones, water bowl


Deep breaths in and out from abdomen in counts of 10 very slowly

3-5 minutes


Write down list of things that you need to square away

Check them off as you get them done

Mediate/pray/call on Higher self and/or Spirit guides

Practice Awareness

Take your time(mindfulness)

Be loyal to yourself!

Love yourself!

Have confidence!


5 things to keep in mind whenever you feel like you are sliding towards procrastinating and staying productive.

  1. Stop and think. Is what you are doing right now important? Is this helping you move forward? Can this wait?
  2. Prioritize. What’s most important? What cant wait? What may take the longest? Cost the most?
  3. Listen to your body. Are you hungry? sleepy? Sad? Angry? These are elements that can add to a bad mood, or lack of motivation towards a situation or task.
  4. Is my environment motivating? What about your immediate environment is keeping you from getting your work done? Too loud? You like to work alone? Negative environment? Fear of failure? Fear of Success?
  5. Speak more positively! You can and WILL do it! You are without mistakes! All is well! Speak positive affirmations on your day and visualize how you want to see things turn out.  Say things like: ” I am always on time” . “Everything gets done in a perfect way”. “I am very successful at completing my tasks”.

These are things that will help you see things another way and to shift your way of thinking whenever you feel stuck. We all have moments of despair, forgetfulness, and confusion about where we are supposed to be doing, and when? Distractions come and moods change, in the meantime get some personal “down time” to feel better when it comes to getting things done.