Numerology for the Day


Saturday June 23, 2018 (Day of Saturn)

There is power in relaxing and getting much needed rest. On this day structure and restrictions this is a great time to take off and not use too much energy. Letting your mind, body, and spirit be at ease is so important!

Moon-9 degrees Scorpio- Feelings of desire, emotional depth, and/or disturbances that need to be dealt with can have you feeling over the edge.

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Numerology for the Day


Friday June 22, 2018 (Day of Venus)

Collecting your intuitive powers today and utilizing them for love and growth. You can foresee a business plan, love relationship, and harmony manifesting in your favor if you trust yourself and the energy of those that you share space with.

Moon- 28 degrees Libra- Balance your energy. Seek serenity in the familiar places you go or the ones that you are around. This is a great day to spend time with women that you love, trust , or respect.

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FRIDAY SPECIALS (Day of Venus) Synastry/Composite Charts




This is my Friday Special. (Venus Day)

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All relationships need some maintenance, this is a way to truly navigate you through the ones that are most important! Whether its a potential lover, business partner, employee, repairing the relationship with a parent, or child, or simply getting to know someone better and getting an in-depth  understanding for how you operate together!

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THURSDAYS SPECIALS (Day of Jupiter) Astro-Journeys!


This is my Thursday Special.

This is dealing with your travels, travel planning, location choosing, vacations, relocations etc! Using your birth information, find out where your light shines the brightest! This session is also great for those in business, travel business, or travel for a living. Making sure that your journey is secure and you are aware of all possible distractions, detours, or danger, this session will also point out possible adventure, opportunity, and bliss!

There is a time and PLACE for everything in your life!

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Numerology for the Day

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Thursday June 21, 2018 (Day of Jupiter)

Today is great for conversing and planning for your future. You may be planning trip or expecting company. This is a great day that is favorable for court and legal dealings. As you seek justice, equality and balance for your life, you may also experience the beautiful works of the Divine!

Sun- 1 degree Cancer- Shining light on your family life, emotions, and intuition.

Moon- 16 degrees Libra- Spending time in peace and harmony. Great day for accommodating others and showing love and appreciation.

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This is for in-depth, life planning, finances, love, health, and event planning!

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Numerology for the Day



Wednesday June 20, 2018 (Day of Mercury)
Curiosity can lead you to many places! As long as you have questions you can always go on the trip to get the answers you need! Think! There is much wisdom in your experiences that can get you the answers you want. Most times they are closer than you believe. Trust yourself!

Moon-0 degrees Libra- Feeling the need for balance and peace in your normal routine. This may be a time to seek out a partnership on a project, or a personal relationship, either way the feeling of a team feels and sounds better right now.

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