Peace and Love! It’s Libra Season and time to focus on who is important in our lives and to establish where we stand with them.

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This day is great for asserting yourself and speaking up on an issue and standing your ground. You have to have a strong base and all your arguments in order when you oppose another force.

You can truly grow from the experience of knowing who you are when you utilize your voice and gain independence for your personal power.

Seek yourself and you will get the best gift. You identify with being the best today. Just do it!

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Video
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Sun is in Scorpio!

This is a time for uncovering things in the dark. Scorpio is a sign that deals with sex, passion, intensity, regeneration, death, desire, places of discomfort and violations, lessons, and rebuilding.

Scorpio is a powerful sign that transforms through tough times and knows what to destroy in its path when using the power correctly.

Other times Scorpios can also deal with lack , possessiveness, obsessive behavior, sneakiness, manipulation and scandal.

Depends what end of the spectrum you are on and how you deal with this area of your life in your chart or with this sign in particular if you know any Sun sign, Moon, or Ascendant Scorpios.

Scorpio can HEAL you or KILL you. Whatever doesn’t KILL you makes you STRONGER.

Scorpios bring the pain and the lessons.

How else will you know your strength until you get past the Scorpion?

You have to know where you are weak at, and Scorpio will do JUST that.

With the Sun here for the next 30 days we are given just enough light to give attention to people, places and things that disturb us and what we may need to heal through for growth and elevation.

With Venus retrograding in Scorpio, there may be very intense moments  with love, money, funds, and assets. Things are further than you want or need them to be which causes  secrets, affairs, and discomfort for some, yet this is a sign that also mends things as you see others getting closer with reunions, closure and restoration.

Mercury is also in Scorpio which is helping you to learn, communicate and understand things on a Scorpio level….INVESTIGATIONS!

Scorpio is the ultimate investigator and crime solver! They have an eye for hunting! They see awesome opportunities and potential danger as Scorpios can be an excellent judge of character and sniff out any funny business. They are a fixed water sign with amazing intuition!

Sun in Scorpio is a hard placement as you pride, light, and ego are undergoing a major adjustment through this sign. The Sun is going through dark times and has to reflect on what can bring on great changes in your life and what may need to make its exit to make your life better and to see improvements.

This can be hard as many habits, people, and things that we love may have to be shed to continue on to the next phase.

All is well! Life has a way of spinning things back around when need be. Take this time as a great moment to get your revenge and come back better than before in places that you have taken major blows.

Peace and happy seeking!

You  shall get what you are looking for!

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15 Ways to know if someone is Toxic



Ever been around someone that seemed to literally suck the oxygen and energy out of a room? When they come around or all of sudden as you enter the area that the are in your energy level began to sink and you feel defensive as if someone is attacking you, even though sometimes they may not have said anything yet? How about when you hear that person’s name when they aren’t even around and you tense up a little because of your protective antennas that go off like a couple of guard dogs at a gate.

Here are 15 ways to detect this behavior and to trust yourself when you experience it, whether it is a family member, friend, spouse, or co-worker:

1.You FEEL it. -Yes you can feel it in your body and your body stores information and will sense things that can protect you. Everyone has an energy field and you can tell when yours is being violated because of unexplainable feeling in your body, ( kinda like when the weather changes outside from sunny to rainy)=

2.They bring the clouds. (low vibrations) Yes as said before in number 1 they will bring the clouds on a beautiful day. This is important to pay attention to especially because people don’t always act how they feel. You can see through it though. Regardless if they say everything is “ok”.

3.They complain all the time. These people don’t know how to be happy, they find a issue with EVERYTHING! This is pretty self explanatory. Something is always WRONG with them, and nothing is ever RIGHT! All they see is the worst side of everything. Stay away. All they know or WANT to know is pain.

4.They prompt arguments. These people are so frustrated with life and are under the pressures of not knowing SELF and personal power. These individual will find ways to take it out on others to not deal with personal issues. These are anger filled people that can be dangerous if you let the behavior get out of hand or stick around because they only know to project.

5.Very Petty. EVERYTHING is a problem! Or they create and make it that way. Imagine someone making something very small and stretching it to the size of your head. These people will hang onto ANYTHING to go back and forth about. The same as number 6 but on another level because it doesn’t necessarily have to turn into an argument. This behavior is simply to steal energy and to deflect.

6.Passive Aggressive behavior. This is what I call “The long way home”. There is something to be said and expressed.  They will go across town just to get to a store, when there is one on the corner in your neighborhood. This person lacks confidence and communication skills. How else will you know they are upset with you?

7.They play victim. The “Who me?” You already know who this is in your life. They will never admit their wrongdoing. How else will they get away with it? Understand this takes intelligence to get this off. These people need to get away with a crime and will cry their way out of it

8.Talk about others. And not just TALK about them. They actually tear people APART!! Please beware with this person….you will be next if they can’t keep their emotions to themselves.

9.They don’t share your joy. Simply put. The ones that are happy when you are sad and sad when you are happy. Anything to not see you smile, do well, or get ahead. Don’t take it too personal. That is THEIR issue not yours! You can tell when someone is being genuine with you.

10.They enjoy your failures. As soon as you tell them you are getting evicted, getting a divorce or that your business isn’t doing well, they get a sudden burst of energy and all is well in their lives. ….Pay attention some will actually smile or laugh. (This is a subconscious action) yet somethings can only be hidden but so long.

11.They try to turn others on you. Seems like their behavior towards you is team THEM when you are around others. They have jokes, sarcasm, and show the underling jealousy by talking negatively about you or purposely trying to have you seen in a negative way.

12.They are manipulative. You have seen them do it to others and maybe even yourself. They plot and plan and set situations up in their favor or for others failures.

13.They love DRAMA! Your drama, his drama, her drama, EVERYBODYS drama! They are truly entertained by things going out of control for others AND themselves! Especially when they do it to themselves, they don’t respect themselves, why would you be ANY different when its time to perform?

14.They bring you down. Whether its your energy, confidence, reputation, etc. These people don’t see themselves with much so they won’t expect the same for you. They only want for their friends and loved ones what they want for themselves. If they have no plans or goals. They can’t truly support YOURS!

15.They are in competition with you. Everything you have, they “already” had, or they mention how you gained weight when they have been losing so much. Or how you are “finally” getting your degree. You can tell if someone is pushing you to better or making sure you aren’t better than THEM! Keep them out of your space. The BEST competition is with SELF! Otherwise its a waste of time.

Yes very likely you have been around a toxic person. While we are on the subject let’s get to this very subject of being toxic. The energy from that individual is very dense and heavy, and this could be ANYONE! We all have family and friends/acquaintances that may seem to put a damper on the day sometimes. Pay attention! Before we actually call them completely “Toxic” people, we have to look at the surrounding events that lead up to a final judgment. I always call this “Ignorance or Intent”, some people, like most of us don’t realize how actually toxic they are. These people don’t even sometimes, know so you have to look at the overall situation dealing with a person’s life and  what they may be going through and subconsciously acting out. Either way your job is to preserve SELF. Yes we always want to help others and make sure that they are on the up and up, but NEVER at the expense of SELF!

Numerology for the Day


Wednesday May 16, 2018 (Day of Mercury)

Balancing your thoughts and words today. There are many changes that are taking place, some of these are unpredictable and may seem hard to get through. You are a point in time for critical decision making. Relax and let go of people, places, and things that no longer serve you. There is more to come!

Moon-15 degrees Gemini- You feel like talking today! Connect with those you trust to get everything out on the table.

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Natal Charts for Children


In this day in time we are all trying to get closer to our children. We want to know what’s going on in their minds and why they may do some of the things that they do.

And lets admit it, children are pretty awesome! They have the best and purest energy to be around. The love, innocence, and overall joy of a child is so important for their development and their lives.

We see certain children and can already see the potential in them.

You can tell if they will be very caring and sweet, good with their hands, good with sports, a great singer/performer, etc.

Chart Reading is a great tool for finding out exactly how your child operates!

You will get the messages that they are trying to relay to you! As they grow and mature it will be easier to understand their language, and to keep an open and honest relationship with your child.

As the bodies are growing, so is the mind, body and spirit!

We have to utilize the correct tools and ingredients to nurture and support each child in their own unique recipe for success!!

Many of the journeys, and choices that a child makes is based off of what they have been taught and exposed to.

We want our children to do well and succeed.

And they WILL.

Just like any other reading you are receiving insight on how to navigate your child accordingly.

We will go through behaviors and thought patterns to ensure that your child has a great experience in this realm.


We will gift them the power of SELF!

The gifts ,abilities, and talents, as well as the struggles, pain, and weakness in a child will shape them into productive adults.

Lets build strong children and pass on our information!

Children’s Natal Chart Readings with Peace By Peace!

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