Mars in Sagittarius!

Celestial Events for this week:


Great time to travel! Be mindful of driving ,flying, and riding safely! This also means to watch out for other drivers and Authority Figures! This also means unexpected changes to travels! Get there safely! But please GO!! This is a time that travels are truly favored with luck or advancement! (an upgrade on a seat or ticket, perfect weather, free coffee, or sitting bedside someone with the right connections.)

Day of 8(2+6)- Learn new things, break away from old habits, watch yourself expand! This is good for traveling for business!

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Venus in Pisces


Venus is in Pisces from February 10-March 6, 2018.

“Pleasure in Magic”- Unconditional Love, but for what?

-Pleasure in being “Dreamy”.
Everyone has an area in their life that will put them in a peaceful, trusting state, where you can create your dreams from the subconscious. In a positive influence this is using your own magic and trusting yourself and the process. Great time to begin exploring deeper into your spirituality. Look into different divination tools and beginning new rituals.
Spend more time with your feet up for restoration and getting prepared for the Astrological New Year! (March21)
As a negative influence dealing with self undoing, drugs/alcohol, and mental issues. Be aware of enemies(people, places, and things) that prevent you from being the BEST YOU!
Be without dependency on what can separate you from your best life. This is where you truly gain trust in SELF!

What do you take pleasure in? Do you trust? Could this be a person ,place or thing that is keeping your from self? Are you in reality? In a fantasy world? Know the difference and find your balance!

Peace and Love!

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Are you here yet?

Journey of self through history, science, nature, and little bit of magic!

How long does it normally take you to get calm? To ease anxiety, thoughts, anger, fears?

Throughtout the day everyone spends do much of their time on “Go” no-one really ever is just “still”.

Since we are always on the move of “what’s going to be”, we never take the time out to just BE!

This can be hard if you let it. Give yourself time to gather your thoughts be in the moment. This can be over as soon as it begins, beginning is the BEST part!


That is the key to ANY self discovery. The stillness and enery of SELF.

Many aren’t aware. Many have felt it and have become afraid or confused, yet there are many that have ASCENDED and have changed their lives!

Are you here yet?

Now. Today. This instant


Take it slow.

Enjoy the presence.


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