Are you here yet?

Journey of self through history, science, nature, and little bit of magic!

How long does it normally take you to get calm? To ease anxiety, thoughts, anger, fears?

Throughtout the day everyone spends do much of their time on “Go” no-one really ever is just “still”.

Since we are always on the move of “what’s going to be”, we never take the time out to just BE!

This can be hard if you let it. Give yourself time to gather your thoughts be in the moment. This can be over as soon as it begins, beginning is the BEST part!


That is the key to ANY self discovery. The stillness and enery of SELF.

Many aren’t aware. Many have felt it and have become afraid or confused, yet there are many that have ASCENDED and have changed their lives!

Are you here yet?

Now. Today. This instant


Take it slow.

Enjoy the presence.