Where there is a will, there is a way. You can use the energy of nervousness and confusion and put it into a task that brings a soothing space for your spirit. The routine of your tasks and duties can weigh heavy, yet the feeling of crossing things off of your list is invigorating and promotes productivity. The NUMBER 21 is the tool of reason when you come near situations that fog up your sight and mind. Take the time to take the time. All will rise together in the right order. Looking IN and listening to spirit will bring a level of direction to your heart.




ARIES-Today is a great day to acknowledge who you are and what you have when you are alone. This will bring a great level of independence in your dealings and show your growth.

TAURUS- Get past your insecurities so that you can be in your power. You find pleasure in the finer things like music and food. Speak your love language to YOURSELF today!

GEMINI- This is a countdown to your completion of a cycle from chaos and misleading people and things. Use this as a stage for your gifts and transformation.

CANCER- Not using the right words at the right time can challenge your relationships today. Be sure that you are clear in your wrids and you pick upon cues for answers.

LEO- This is a harmonius time for you to be on the throne that you have created for yourself. The work you have put in can have major results that helps you to sit higher. Stay focused.

VIRGO- Excellent day for you to crunch numbers and take the measurements of situations that have been processing in your mind. What youare looking for is seeking you as well. You don’t have to work that hard though when you know that you were right the first time.

LIBRA- Look around at your commitments and decide which is the most important today. Sometime your have to make decisions on what has more leverage and better results. Pick a side and stick to your story.

SCORPIO- If you are wading in the waters of truth, then you don’t have to worry about drowning in lies. Stay afloat with love for yourself and honoring what is REAL.

SAGITTARIUS- Even in your dreams you want everything to happen NOW! Instant results are cool, but also give yourself time to truly see the magic in waiting. All is well.

CAPRICORN-Keeping your personal life on a different shelf in your life is vital. You can still relate without getting too close or oversharing. Family is business!

AQUARIUS- Powerful day for connecting and networking, as the Retrograding planets may be pulling back opportunities from people and spaces that you hadn’t thought of.

PISCES- Looking down at the facts will help you not to confuse yourself today. Open your eyes so that you don’t hit anything. This is not a dream or a drill. Be here.

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Peace and Love!

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