There is a spirit of liberation today as the glory of your strides flow with you. You must have a need to stretch and go further than you usually do for the elevation and grandeur that feeds the external self. The NUMBER 20 is the gold. The more that you show patience, the faster you gain access to the pot. Protection is a must for the messages that are sent and for those that may need your covering. Stand tall. The shadows bring confusion where there is disloyalty and questionable behavior from those that lack honor.



400, 600, or 900 HERTZ SOUND FREQUENCY

ARIES-Gaining understanding and clarity is vital. Look before you leap today. Being too impulsive can take away from your involvement in things. There is a gem in the mess that is made. See if you can find it.

TAURUS-Home life and stability is a theme as you learn to take breaks and rest properly. Women have much to do with your day. This can bring disharmony if there isn’t peace in your heart as there can be a disagreement lurking closely.

GEMINI-Powerful day to show what you know and express what is on your heart. Your Creativity is needed for the long haul. Look to children or sources of inspiration.

CANCER- Your Schedule is important. Your eyes need to see what is working for your square. You can take measurements to be your best and to avoid accidents.

LEO- Great day for meetings and date nights. You should go outside of your comfort zone and expand your day in another city or in a library or museum.

VIRGO- The lost feeling if from lack of planning. Look big to go big. Things seem so far away when you haven’t taken your time and when you don’t enjoy the NOW.

LIBRA- The feeling of accomplishment is in the air. You can now the adju8stments needed for the next level. Today is the ammunition to the goals you had set.

SCORPIO- Time to put your foot down when you speak. When the rules of your dealings aren’t discussed you can regret the efforts towards others and tasks. Get the appreciation you seek.

SAGITTARIUS- Move through the crowd, as there are may opportunities in the sea of people that you come across. Be selective, not all that glitters is gold.

CAPRICORN- FAITH is the driver to your vehicle. You can truly let your spirit take you where you need to be. Yes be reasonable and in reality, but let the inner dreams take the wheel as well. Much to complete today.

AQUARIUS- You could feel at a standstill, as long as you don’t have direction. When you put your fears to the side, you can push through and turn around your confidence level. Remember to have a plan Z.

PISCES- Taking a deep dive into your inner emotions will pull to the surface the words to say and the actions that need to be made. Research and actual facts can challenge you if there isn’t truth in your mouth or mind.

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Peace and Love!

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