Your light is here! The throne is ready! But have you cleared out the old to make room for the new?

Is there really room for your elevation?

You would only know if you have nothing keeping you from completing your spiritual duties to yourself and the Divine.

You have to first be safe and feel secure and understanding where your insecurities may come from and anything that can deter you now.

Are you in debt? That can be another factor that leaves you in the darkness of your shadow work when you are not being consistent in making amends and repairs to your dealings and action in the past year or so.

This month the talks of money and real tangible materials is a factor and will continue to multiply when you take it easy and don’t let anything weird mysterious, off setting throw of your rhythm.

The time you spend in places of value is a test to your own.

Overspending and being overcharged can take place when we don’t know where we stand in the world and we don’t negotiate what is best for us properly, be sure of using your wisdom (experience) and see where this can take you.

You are a very special entitiy. Your individuality is needed.

Uranus will be sure that you stand out and influence the crowd. Just don’t stand out so much that you aren’t in the picture. Teamwork is STILL a thing.

All that took place this week was a hit or miss on your lessons, and ability to bounce back.

Either youcan danceor you cant when the beat changes.

Bring your specialingrediant to social media, blogging,groups,clubc and anywhere you fellowhip with others.

Your chance to leave a mark is here. GO!

Most money and finances are easily aquaired thismonth. Just stay the course.

Many deaths andendings, yet just asmany flowers and beginnings.

Your crown is adorned in your lessons. Stay True!

Peace and Love!

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Peace and Love!

Author: peacebyyaaris

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