New Moon in Aquarius is teaching us to surrender when things go wrong or what appears to be wrong and to be flexible in the events that take place in our life.

This is a great time to use what connections you have made and create the major changes that the Universe has given you room and permission to do!

You have to be courageous and completely be standing in your power when you want to be incomparable in your style and message.

Things from your past can deter you and send you in the direction of feeling weird and cast off. The inability to get past things can be detrimental and become a blockage.

Unless you use those things to your advantage and step up your way of seeing things, your opportunities can be pulled from under you.

When was the last time you just DIDN’T CARE? The last time when what people thought and the image created of you didn’t matter anymore?

Guess what? It doesn’t matter.

You have to understand that people that serve their purpose aren’t focused on your flaws or your past. There are people that you meet that simply want to see you shine and ADD to you!

Are you secure? Your insecurities can slide into your opportunities and shape ugly holes into what was supposed to be your DREAMS!

Please hold still and let the pain subside…

There is more to you than your pain, but you have to trust that to move forward.

The Retrograde is to help you be selective about the friends, relationships, and work that you involve yourself with.

Are these connections truly supporting your ambitions? Will you gain from them in the next 5 years?

This is important.

You have so much to give, but there is so much more that could be DRAINED. Your experiences help you to see potential harm, yet your faith and magic will help you see the PURPOSE!


You find your comfort in the people that dance in your remix of the world!

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Peace and Love!

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