Peace and Love! Uranus is now DIRECT!

There were many things that seemed to go wrong in the past few months. There is much to take with us while we are reaping the benefits of what makes us special. You can truly use your magic and put it to use! You have this in the bag! Take your time and let your gifts shine! The Universe has made room for you. You have to trust and have faith in all that you do. The retrograde was to send you back to take care of areas where you didn’t feel appreciated. Here is what you need to know: There are risks, but you can take them. You have permisson to be the Unicorn you always were!


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Author: peacebyyaaris

ūüĆüJUST BE.ūüĆü Astrologer. Intuitive Coach. Professional Organizer. Natal Chart Readings, Dream Interpretations, Tarot Cards, Color Therapy, Numerology, etc. (407) 706-8330

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