It’s Sagittarius Season! This is a time for your increase and your growth!

There is so much to look forward to!

The Sun lights the way and gives much SIGHT and attention to the constellations and sign that it is entering at the time.

The Sun is a source of energy and a great way to see things for what they are and give us the ability to show our gifts and abilities.

When the Sun is in Sagittarius, this means much for the coming months and the rest of your year.

Sagittarius is a sign of power, foresight, and intellect.

There isn’t much that a Sagittarius doesn’t know as they are the nomad and traveler for information in the zodiac.

Many Sagittarius naturally take on the job of the travel agent, bus driver, truck driver, ,flight attendant etc. You get the point, they like to get around!

Yet there are many Sagittarius’ that have a niche for teaching, for they are the forever students who finally decided to share answers and teach others.

At their highest self Sagittarius are very prosperous and achieve much early in life because of the amount of aim and goals that they hold so strongly to and always make a plan that they can carry out.

This can also mean finally taking your show on the road!

Wherever there was something that you began months ago that could use a little love, care, and enthusiasm, could use that now.

The seeds that were panted then, now have a chance to show their head as you take on the part that truly helps the growth of a dream.

We are at the warm up stage.

Warming up your muscles and surpassing anywhere you may have felt small or insignificant before.

NOW you can be the one that is larger than life!

Remember Sagittarius love seeing things with a grander view to truly maximize on opportunities.

Use the map given and legs that you have to stretch and reach the levels of magnificence that was meant for you!

You must be willing to put in the time to be born into what you are supposed to be. You have to let yourself cook and simmer as this is a chapter in your life that needs clarity before we just jump out there.

Sagittarius  LOVES to jump!

But did you look at the details? Which is a weakness and something Sags hardly ever do!

Look before you leap or you could lose it all, as our giant friends are challenged by Virgo rules and  regulations and Pisces extra flowy sensitive waters of faith and less resistance.

All is well in the world of Lightening bolts and flames of life and knowledge!

See what this Season does for you in your Birth chart! Let me interpret for you!

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