Venus and Mercury in Scorpio

Pleasure and Thoughts go Deep.


Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio and this be a time of truly uncovering things that  really have hurt you or caused major pain or lessons.

Mercury is a planet that deals with your need to speak and say what needs to be said with control.

You must face the disturbance’s and uncomfortable situations to get ahead no matter how hard! This is your strength and your power that will carry you through!

Many have never explored that part of  themselves and have fallen at the things that life has shown them and they haven’t been able to reset properly.

Mercury  is a planet that has much movement and is fluid with words and ideas is taking a turn to the deeper parts of your life and making  you investigate what that sound was in your heart and spirit.

Venus is a planet that brings much beauty and value to any situation. This is also your relationships that are personal and professional, like clients or customers.

You will have to tune in on a deeper level for who and what is causing harm or darkness into your space or who needs support.

When it comes to love, many will be holding on tight to what they have, as this is a time of possible loss, yet restorations. Many are trying to get put back together again financially, in love or back into the working field.

There are choices to be made and we must use past lessons to decide what to do.

What is the reason that you may need to end something or throw it out?

What have you learned?

Scorpio deals with the clean up and renovations after the storm and after the pain.

This is where Scorpio shows how to transmute energy and reinforce your power of alchemy when you stand as a diamond after so much pressure!

You may see yourself throwing out the old to make room for the new, or even buying used or go to yard sales to restore something and bring it back to life.

Apply that to relationships as well….who haven’t you talked to in awhile that has at one point brought value into your life?

Are they useful now? Or could you be of use to them?

Mercury is going to help with these renovations and help you maintain your base when you can point to exactly where it hurts and why?

Your tools for this time are in your phone, texts, emails, books that you read, things that you learn.

What could you do differently?

Secrets can be a issue as some things can be revealed later this month. Be aware if there is something that you care trying to keep under wraps.

With health there is surgery, and deep changes made to the body for many and on a deeper level mental and spiritual surgery will take place to rebuild into who you are supposed to be!

All is well! This is a great time to manifest from the dark areas in your life! Peace and Love!

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