Mercury in Leo is transit that can really wake up your thoughts and add a little life to your conversation.

Fire sign Leo is about LIFE. The life of the party, the fun light in the room, and the actual Sun in the sky!

Leo brightens up anyone’ day and makes everything a little bit spicier than before!

When you are dealing with this big cat, there is much courage that you have to attain to face it.

Think about this in general all month long.

As you may see yourself in situations that make you step up and speak out on issues that are bothering you or one those that are causing blockages in your life.

Mercury is your communication thought processes and how you get your point across, and now there is much volume to your mic and what you might say.

Mercury in Leo brings forth much silliness, laughing, childlike behavior and thinking out loud.

People are very impulsive as they may NOT think first during this transit.

Blurt out much?

This is something that you will see happening often.

Use your heart as much attention is being put there, whether it is a person that gets you excited, or a place that you are going, or a thing that you love to do. (your passions)

Leo makes space for this because it IS the place for it.

Your solar plexus Chakra needs much balancing for the party that is happening NOW!

Watch the video here:

Peace and Love!
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