Venus in Capricorn is a time for putting your money and love where your mouth is! If there is something or someone that you want, Venus in Capricorn is going to make you work for it!

Venus is a planet of love dealing with your pleasures of life and what you are attracted to as far as way to make your money and increase in love or financially.

Imagine the beautiful goddess walking through a tough part of the world traveling up a mountain and having to get to the top in order to be put in a solid place and achieve the ultimate goal of success, riches, romance, and all of the cushy parts of life.

This is the transit at time moment. You have to be dedicated.

Capricorn is dealing with your hard work, determination, focus, and the stretch needed to overcome obstacles that may get in the way and cause you to get the structure needed to be in a place of recognition and authority.

You have to be diplomatic about the choices that you are making when it come to opportunities that may come through business deals, supervisors, business owners, and the top heads that can help you to elevate. You have to step your game u and be willing to climb and prove that this is what you really want for yourself and be honest about any setbacks that you may have allowed or that may have snuck in due to you letting down your boundaries at the wrong time.

You have to be resourceful.

This cardinal earth is all about investments. You have to b mindful of wo and what you are giving time to as they could either be assisting you or hurting you. You have to have discipline with your energy as to not be drained when the actual moment come to show and prove.

In love this ALL business!

Your pleasure is for something that will be here in the long term. Think marriage, engagements, and longtime partnerships in the works. You have to be sure to really look from the top of the mountain when you get there and decide of this is worth it, even it means being alone. Nobody likes being lonely, yet everyone likes to be safe and secure.

When you are dealing with Capricorn it may take being alone when there is no one that is in your vicinity that can help you to survive and  may take you from your drive.

Be easy in your dealings with romance as this may be a bumpy ride with awesome effects at the end if you correspond accordingly to what comes your way. Who knows? It could be your net big break in a future partner or in your career.

If you need to speak to your father or a father figure. authority figure that you respect, you will have much favor to put some things behind you and pay your debts as your purse strings may be attached to the government or law enforcement that may need some reparations or may need to repair things with you.

During this transit you will be able to use your intellect for fortune and support, mental forces, and the use of discernment as you continue up the ladder of success and kick out anything that may try to oppose you.

Your tools are in your intellectual richness and plenty of resources that can set you up for the life you want.

This will be able to help you to face areas of your life that may need redemption, healing, and protection.

Your inner self so resilient! Let it shine!

Peace and Love!



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