Mercury in Pisces is all about sifting through distractions and grasping the healing that Pisces provides so that you can get the rehabilitation that you may require to get ahead and accept your circumstances.

Mercury is the planet that delivers the mail and help to get your point across to other signs. This is how you communicate or write, also phone calls, email, and other correspondence.

This will be what will thrown into the sea of magic, as Pisces delivers a beautiful truth and also a sometimes illusions that some of us may not be so strong and easily removed from.

Many may find this time to be a blissful state as there is beautiful magic, fantasy, glamor and dreamy thoughts taking place, this place of ecstasy is where addictive behaviors for love, drugs, and dependency take, place.

The feeling in the mist is amazing, yet the drop and sobering moments may also require recovery and isolation, I would definitely say to be mindful of your dealing with people that may have some type of influence on you lovers, spiritual gurus, pastors, or that you have an influence on as there may be a twisting on intention and you may have to stand back to look closer.

Mercury in Pisces is a detriment because of the placement of your logic and reasoning is in  a place of dreams and abstract, so unless you actually do any type of work in the fantasy world, (cartoonist, actor, singer, porn, etc). This may not be the best time to have your schedule drop in a pool of water. You may not be able to afford this as there much healing and recuperation needed to get through this trying time specifically Geminis, Libras, Virgos, and Aquarius.

You need to be able to think rationally and Pisces will take away such a strong way of thinking when you are underwater and are trying to get your head above water. You could be easily mislead so you should use this time to get back to yourself through creative writing, drawing, art, music that is healing, and good food that nourishes your body and spirit. This is the time to get YOU to your best point and realize your dreams.

During this transit you will be able to heal, transform and become and divine warrior in your beautiful ways of seeking peace and blissful recovery!

You will be able to confront and face the areas of your life where you needed wisdom, magic, longevity and liberation!

Peace and love!



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