The Sun is in Aquarius and this is a time of affinity and friendships.
Wherever there are people this is where there will be groups of different way of thinking and high intellect.
Aquarius is a sign that deals with social reform, creating change, being innovative, different and unique.
I call Aquarius the “unicorn” of the zodiac, as to find someone as special and eccentric an Aquarius is hard to come by.
Aquarius’ have a daring side to them, which gives them much room to stand out and really get things going in the direction that will help them be their best self.
Sometime this daring streak that possess can also seem quite rebellious and come of defiant and full of trouble.
You have to actually take the time to get to KNOW an Aquarius and truly get inside that mind to ee their point of view and what drives them to the edge of unbelievable with their antics.
Aquarius love to KNOW.
They love having an opinon on things and just about any topic is available to them and they love to learn and expand in groups.
Watch out! This fixed sign can be very set in their ways of doings things and wont stop until the mission is complete as they can stand strong on the position they hold as far as public affairs, social issues, and political views. They will do what it takes to push the envelope to make their voices heard and create change needed for justice.
These natural humanitarians usually love people and are great in social settings where they can teach, learn, or switch up the ways that things are done.
Wherever you have Aquarius in your chart or if you are a Sun, Moon, or Asc Aquarius, this could mean much for you as this is a time that you may want to finally get that light that you have been needing and putting your thoughts and issues up on the forefront and bringing shine to those topics.
Many may become more social in general, parties, get together, invites, etc! Go!
Try it out! You never know until you try!
This is a place that if you don’t like the spotlight, you can truly utilize the unity in groups of like-minded individuals and those that share the same ideals and lifestyle. This will make it easier to come into your own, make new and lasting friendships and push your agenda even harder with a crew that supports you.
The self proclaimed weirdo, oddball, black sheep, and the cast offs are able to come out into the light and show us what has been brewing and how they are about to make their mark on the world!
The Game Changers
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which represents miracles and disasters in your life and how you a adjust through invention and futuristic thinking.
This is where the high intellect comes in at, when you are faced with situation that have caused drastic changes in your life and require quick thinking and coping skills, you become emotionally still and intellectually impulsive as a response.
This is what makes Aquarius so amazing!
The ability to bounce back and be resilient at times when the energy is fast moving and energy is on rise, this is a part of your chart that shows how you flip the script when times and circumstances switch up on you.
Aquarius is the opposite of Leo which makes them loud and proud in a different type of way. They thrive better in a group. They love to stand out as individuals as do the Leo, yet they don’t require much of a stage. They are so unique in their own that even in a crowd, they can be seen and heard and still hold their own.
As we all have a desire to know, the best way to feed it is through connecting with others, which is exactly what Aquarius’ do!
Jump into the fountain of wisdom as you relate and connect to others and learn so much more about yourself!
You will feel more alive than ever!
Peace and love!

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