Mercury in Aquarius
Communicating with Unity and Affinity


This is the time that your understanding will undergo some changing.
You will not be speaking or doing things the same way as before. As Mercury was just in Capricorn, it was full of restrictions and made you step your game up and come off more professional and speaking with more authority.
There were moments of achievement for some and major let downs for others.
For those that did it right, and took advantage of the conversations with awesome connects that were great for your future success and using your strengths to get through to the next level.
Now that Mercury is in Aquarius we are ready to socialize and flow!
Mercury is your thoughts, writing, talking, and learning, and how you get around and move through your community. If Capricorn was preparation for a business, or confirmation for that job or awesome position you wanted, then Aquarius is the part where you pass out your business cards and get your business out there!
You should use this time to work the room for connections!
As there may be many future business partners, colleagues, and lasting friendships from the work you do and the effort you put in towards these people in your life.
Aquarius deals with change.
Wherever in your chart that you have it is where your phone calls, emails, texts, and mail will come from. This is all about creating a difference and linking up with likeminded individuals to do so.
You will have to face the public, social settings, people of a different mindset, and places that you have to display much tolerance to get to your gift.
You may even encounter unexpected changes as Aquarius will sometimes be the sign that will cause you to switch up quickly and force your focus on creating, innovation, and discovery.
The only way OUT is IN.
Aquarius is leading and showing us the way as far as technology, and futuristic information that could take us to another level.
Think robots, electronics, computers, as this is a higher level of intellect that will go out of this world on you if you don’t keep up!
You may take the time to involve yourselves in study groups, support groups, and even different charities as Aquarius thrives when in unison with others that share the same views and attitudes towards different social reforms and politics.
As this is a fight for your rights kind of sign and a time for it, many will be using this time to express their innermost thoughts and plans of a revolution that will have everyone seeing things in a new a fresh perspective.
Contrary to opposing sign Leo whom likes to soak up the light and attention and is more SELF driven and motivated, Aquarius is more for EVERYONE!
The way they do it is more of a group effort, than being the Hero.
There is a quiet confidence about the water bearer that is that fountain of truth, that not much needs to be explained and more just needs to be DONE.
This fixed sign is loyal and stands strong for their beliefs and way of life.
Mercury is giving you the tool to talk about those things and bring awareness to certain issues that require change.
When you face situation head on, it is easier to deal with them and adjust easier.
Take chances on people that wouldn’t normally talk to and open up!
Much flavor is availbe to your life when you are open to new things and your perception of friendships changes.
Understanding who you know and what you know will get you to a very supreme place!
Peace and Love!

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