Full Moon in Leo was a great time to take your power back.
With this being a Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse, this was a time for any to face old wounds darkness, disturbances, and situations that to your confidence.
There is a gift of powerful magic, wisdom, longevity, and ambition once you ope the door that you have buried all your discomfort in. You are waiting for something to help you get back t yourself and you have to WANT to have more in order to have a BREAKTHROUGH!
Kick in this door and return ALL of the things that were uses against you back to the original owners. You are MORE that enough. Yo just have to trust.
The full moon was to bring back the trust and replace the fear.
You have much that can be expressed….
You have waited too long!
This is YOUR time!
This moon is also dealing with children your childhood or a place of excitement. Many were attending parties, get together, and out socializing.
The inner “super star” may have emerged for most, which is great, seeing that the Sun in Aquarius had many finally coming out of their comfort zone and showing off their personality and flavor!
Shoot that shot! Whether its someone you are attracted to or the position you wanted at work! Go for it! This moment was for overcoming the people places, and things in your life that were once in your way.
The energy of the full moon will be here all month as you find your roar and begin to use your courage more.
All is well!
Luna wants you to see that she is always FOR you.
The constant party that Leos always seem to have in their spirit is what gives them such a festive energy!
Where do you have Leo in your chart? This is an area to highlight and focus on all month long!
Peace and love!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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