Venus In Sagittarius

Wisdom of Harmony and Elevation

Love is Expanding!

This is a time of the things that bring your pleasure to be grand and on another level of favor.

This is a lot more than most can handle, in all ways.

Let’s talk about Venus for a second.
This is how you get your pleasure and what makes you feel good in most areas of your life. This is like a tool if you think about how it plays a role in your life.

You get to spend your time and energy enjoying the parts of life through harmony and beauty.

Venus is usually favorable wherever it is in your chart and regardless of the sign, except Scorpio.
This is a detrimental place and most of us are still living with the effects of when Venus Retrograded a couple of months ago and had many drowning and swimming to the surface with nothing left but the clothes on their back and the money left in their pocket and MAYBE even their lover in tow that survived the storm.

We all needed saving in the past couple of months, as there was much mending to be done and restoring for the next stage.
Well the time is now!
There is much to receive now that everything that we have left over is here to GROW!
Hopefully you made the right choices with your lover, jobs, friendships, career, marriage, relocating etc.

What you have now is for you to show the world what you learned!

Let’s look at it like show and tell in the Universe.
You have gifts from a traveler!
You were on a break and now you can show off what you have since Jupiter has appeared in its natural sign and Venus is transiting here as well, this is quite swell!

Jupiter is there to give you a ride wherever you want to go! Venus is the cushion to make sure the ride is comfy!

Sagittarius is the sign that represents higher learning, teaching, exploring, adventure, and travel.

You can only image the different types of people that you can meet and learn from during this time. Think of doing groups, study groups, sessions with likeminded individuals, etc.

You may find pleasure in traveling to do the things that make you happy with the people that make you happy, think of vacations, breaks from school , work, honeymoons, pregnancy, etc.

Most may even start long distance relationships a Venus is love and attraction and Sagittarius is distance and travel. You may see someone or something like an opportunity that may have much potential that you may want to put in the work for the desired results.
This is an excellent time for elevation as you can send your passion out as you spiritually go UP.

You get to emerge from Scorpio and dry off immediately as you run in the wind and the fire blazes for your warmth of power and freedom in the Sag!
Your journey of clearing your errors, communicating with Universal Medicine, and searching for all that brings your personal testimony and will allow you to be the teacher of rejuvenation and eternal youth!

This could be a challenging time for Geminis, Pisces, or Virgos as this may take away from your natural way of thinking and confront areas in your life that need less talk and more walk.

Be mindful of greed, broken promises, laziness, and projecting bad behavior. Avoid being a know it all and hard to talk to as this is a time that you are expressing a testimony and are stepping on toes. You delivery of love, money, ideas, beliefs, and information will be judged, watch your ego, and be truthful in all situations as you are seeking it as well.

Peace and Love!



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