Mars in Aries

Knowledge of Will and New Beginnings

Mars is in Aries!

The Pioneer is in action!

This is a time for your actions to be in a great place of starting new and fresh with your ventures.

Your life can expect swift changes as you can now see much clearer and you can use your energy appropriately.

Mars in its home sign of Aries is awesome for initiating your will and being the FIRST at something!
Your competitive spirit may come out a little more than usual as this is a sign that loves to compete and be the winner!

You will be able to use your enthusiasm and passion to express your love for anything!
That guy/girl you have been eyeing for awhile? You may feel the nerve to finally shoot your shot and see what kind of connection is really there, since Aries is a sign that goes ALL IN and will not be shy about their interest in someone and will create instant connection with those that arouse them.

Aries is all about excitement, so now that your have emerged from the deep dreamy Pisces waters, you can finally get back to work!

Pisces is a very passive sign that had most in a confused state in love, friendships, career choices, and addictions. That transit when Mars was there required much recovery from the distractions that had us taking the long way home from our plans and goals. Once you received that supreme understanding and moved forward with the acceptance of all that is, this is where your rebirth took place, which prepared you for this time of gaining the information necessary for the next phase of your life.

Now that Mars is in a decent place, we can shift our focus on independence, leadership, and taking the lead in a project, in a job, your relationships, or even with yourself, like deciding to start new hobbies, or take a trip somewhere, and getting to know yourself on another level of freedom and heightening your spiritual senses.

You have the divine power to do what it is that you have been chosen to do. You have to decide if this is worth the war that you may have to endure to get it.

Since Mars is dealing with war and opposition, you will need to face what has been laid out for you to truly come out on top. The main opponent is usually yourself, but if you should find yourself in tense situations with another, be mindful of police, firemen, and other armed men as this can be a time of violence and emergency to some.

If you have small children, be very mindful of their health, safety, and overall well-being from accidents and sickness.

There is a light of understanding at the end of this transit as this will help you see things for what they are and to know that there is NO half stepping in the sign of Aries!

There is much to get done and you must know that with the proper amount of spark and excitement, you can begin anew and truly find solace in the proper use of your assertive energy and zesty flavor that you can add t any situation in your life!

All is well!

You will be able to utilize your tools in the efforts of constructing the universe!

Be heard! Be true! Be YOU!

You will find self after you FACE self!

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Peace and Love!

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