New Moon In Sagittarius

New Moon in Sagittarius is full of excitement and risks! 

This is an excellent time to truly amplify all that you want for yourself! 

Now that you have surrendered your control and have collected your thoughts, you have the understanding that is required to unravel and let go! 

This new moon will give you a NEW and broader perspective on your long term goals and will sharpen your foresight. 

What tool will you need to get ahead? Your map!  Your dreams! Your passion! 

Sagittarius is always on the quest for the truth, so standing strong on your convictions is definitely a way to know where you are developed at.

What do you want to see different in the next 6 months? Most of the results will be when the Sun is in Gemini and when the Full Moon in Sagittarius comes around. 

All that you ask for will be front and center! 

Be sure to set your intentions and do any ritual work when then moon is in waxing crescent. When the moon is waxing it is getting bigger and preparing for the request you made in the New Moon phase. 

The New Moon is simply the beginning. And what do you do when you are at the beginning stage of anything? You let go and refresh. 

Clean all the areas in the house and work space that need to organized and need a little extra attention as this will signal to the universe that you are cleaning your life and making arrangements for the changes to come.

And in the next couple of weeks? 

The next couple of weeks will have challenges, rebuilding, and refining. This is all necessary for you to have the best and for your purpose to be served with power!

All is well! 

Be sure to open your eyes to the opportunities! 

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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