Mercury Retrograde Began November 16, 2018 the same day the Venus began going direct.

This is very peculiar and also a great time to clear out all debts and to calculate what you may need for the journey ahead!

This is gonna be a year of expansion and travel and growing of the mind on many different subjects for most and the need to get there depend on how far you are willing to go.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius, you will have much favor and advancement for your future, as long as you use your foresight and do the proper research.

Mercury Retrograding is going to make you reflect back on past conversations, ideas, thoughts and dealings with people. There is unfinished business somewhere and you must take care of it to get to your goals.

There is something that you need for this trip (hence the retrograde is in Sagittarius)that you are going to  have to go backwards and cover much ground to get to the understanding that you need with someone.

Who where you last year? What were you doing? Who were you spending the most time with? These are people, places and things that you may become reunited with to carry along. They have a piece to your puzzled life and mind to where you are right now. This is good or bad, depending on how you view this. You may have to face a person that you haven’t seen in a long time that has some information that you were seeking.

There may be an ex that moved away that you needed closure from, a teacher or instructor that may have contacts for an opportunity or even a old friend or colleague that could help you advance in the areas that you are stagnant in or may need a little inspiration.

Traveling the distance means just that.

Many may see themselves actually hop on a plane to visit someone or to revisit a place that may trigger good emotions or help to release negative ones that no longer serve you. This is best for you as there is much to acquire during this time.

Others may find themselves using their memory as a tool to get back to the moments that mattered most and where you need to pick up the pieces, gain the strength, power and drive that you may not have had before.

Where is the missing piece? Who has it? Why?

There are many people that we encounter that  we may have thought was a one time meeting or a “by chance” connection, retrogrades show us that this simply isn’t true as we reconnect to people, places and things or the experiences seem to overlap (which they do) and you seem to encounter many coincidences.

What is your purpose? What are you here for? What do you need? Who do you go to?

Many may find themselves on a spiritual journey seeking truth and uncovering the deeper meaning of life through their expansion of books, friends, going to new places, trying new hobbies, new foods, and adapting new lifestyles. You have accumulated much and you must sort through what works for you which why the Retrograde is so important. There is gold somewhere along the road of your confusion and your elevation.

All is well!  This is wonderful transit that only looks back to propel you forward! Your progression is vital!

Happy Transiting!

Author: peacebyyaaris

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