“Initiating Trust”


Mars in Pisces is a time that we all activate our selfless acts for love and to get the beautiful effects through recovery and healing!

This is an great transit that can mean a magical cure for your pain and trauma.

This is a place that you can redeem yourself and perform an act of forgiveness and acceptance, and where you can also give of yourself to others in a wonderful way that can help you search through all your experiences of confusion and chaos.

Pisces is a sign that is very dreamy and creative. Pisces see the world in a very charming, almost fantasy land like image where everything is cushy, soft and comfortable. It represents the place where you display the most trust and are most accepting.

Pisces is a place that you let you hair down and are the most relaxed. You take your time and can truly use your imagination. I call it a “Disney” perspective or the cartoon effect, where there is less reality and more creative play of the mind. These are where the magical empaths and poetic lovers love to be!

You willingly give of yourself and your resources as you see this as being a savior or a  Hero! This is where you can escape your regular obligations and routines and just float!

Or sometimes sink…..

A Pisces can also cause major distractions and make it hard to see clearly as the waters of love and the aura of the Divine is so intoxicating that you can fall in deeper and deeper sometimes get lost and drown.

Pisces deal with addiction, dependency and being easily influenced because of their need to be needed and sometimes lack of responsibility, they will let someone else take the lead when they are in a state of uncertainty…even in LOVE.

With Mars transiting through, this could activate your need to be a savior and help others out. You want to take the lead and initiate the efforts to feed the needy, or take in a family member. For some its lending out money, babysitting, and other favors that you may oblige your loved ones with This is great!

The warning is that there may be hidden tensions and agendas behind this behavior. There could someone playing the victim or martyr and are really aggressive, mean, or just plain old taking advantage of your good nature.

There could also be hidden intent. Watch for anyone that is all of a sudden wanting to be in your space and won’t stop calling( old friend, ex, sibling, business associate etc). The ones needing you for everything, that can’t do it without you, and constantly guilts you if you can’t. There may be favors driven by negative motives to be aware.

There are so many reasons why some people will come into your life that require your magic, whether it is for good or bad is up to you and is YOUR magic!

Your intuition.

Wherever you have Pisces in your Chart is where you will have to trust yourself and gain a supreme understanding with what is happening around you. This transit is to be sure that you know when to be assertive and when to give your best nurturing to someone else. This will show you self reliance and your own true value.

You need to make sure that all that you do is in truth as well as this could have you looking sneaky and untrustworthy to others if you arent sincere and authentic when dealing with others. However you see the world will reflect back on how you receive it.

Use this time to come out of this transit swimming like a champ!

You will need to move quickly move around the things that stir up conflicting emotions and take you away from your best self. Once you do this it will get you back closer to your power and drive.

Happy Transiting! Peace and Love!

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