Jupiter has returned to Sagittarius!


The traveler has gifts….

This is quite fantastic.

This is what we have been waiting for…..

For the past year Jupiter was in Scorpio, which means that everyone had an area of their life where their wisdom was attached to major lessons.

From November 2017 to November 2018 everyone was going through dark, tough moments of their life. These events that took place were things that required us to think deeper and on a more profound level than before. Scorpio taught us our limitations, how to create, and how to heal properly. We had to go through spiritual training to gain the strength needed for Sagittarius.

Scorpio will whittle things down to nothing just to bring it back again or to get rid of what wasn’t valuable on something.

Sagittarius then takes what is left of that and makes it EXPAND!! Sagittarius is on the quest for the truth so that means Scorpio has the tough job of trimming unneeded  fat in your life before Sagittarius takes it on the ride of delivery.

So think about your relationships with people, your interests, your hobbies, the places you go. This past year was for you to sort through those parts of you to see what was helping or simply hurting your progress in life.

When Jupiter was in Scorpio, the lights were off.

Yea you had to move around in that deep dark place and DEAL.

You lost things, you may have moved, lost jobs, family members, friends, major breakups, divorce, loss of homes, assets property etc. (Jupiter Retrograde OMG!)

This really took a toll on people. (They really had to be centered and find their way back.)

Let’s not forget the family drama, health issues, and the regular day to day stress that kept us off of our square and further from our glory.

We have graduated through this year of turbulence and pain.

The light is here.

Jupiter brings the abundance and favor.

Everything that you are asking for or expecting from Jupiter WILL come.

It will come LARGE AMOUNTS and sometimes FAST!

How hungry are you? What are you asking for?

You need to know what your boundaries are or lack of boundaries per say, because Jupiter doesn’t have many rules. The God of all Gods isn’t told no that often which explains the awesome optimism of Sagittarius. They go for it and all always seems to just be for their benefit all the time. The universe is handing over a credit card to see you through and to give you a boost to your dreams.

But first the plans for the trip.

You must prepare for all that is to come! Do the proper research and planning it takes to be ready for this amazing journey that is taking place!

For many people this can mean a lot growth for them: Pregnancy, going off to college or school, traveling for personal enrichment, vacations, and  traveling for work or business. Many are going on spiritual journeys, exploring different religions, spirituality, and lifestyles etc.

Failure to do so can result to missed opportunities and advancement.

Sagittarius is the compensation.


You are being rewarded for the trying time that Fixed Water sign Scorpio bestowed upon you. You had to keep your head down through the entire exam, you were working so hard and possessed determination and dedication (great Scorpio traits).

If Scorpio is empty. Sagittarius is FULL!

Be mindful of weight gain, greed, arrogance, being a know it all, or using sarcasm as a way to cut into others, its not very kind nor will it get you far.

The universe is watching.

Be ready for anything as the Venus Retrograde will be coming to a close and you will be able to move forward with your wallet and make better choices as you move forward, although Mercury will begin retrograding and have you reflecting on past trips, journeys, and distance that may need to be covered for giving you a better experience and get you at your best self. All is well!

Happy Transiting!

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