Mercury in Sagittarius



“Broad thoughts”
Mercury in Sagittarius is what will make you take your thoughts and expand them to your DREAMS!

This will help you on your communication skills and help you to get your point across with much more perspective and add more flavor to your mindset!
Oh and you will want to as this will be the best trip you have had in awhile!
You need to plan ahead…When dealing with Sagittarius you need to make sure that you have everything you need for the journey. Sagittarius is a Sign that likes to take chances and will just go for an opportunity, even when they haven’t quite checked over the details. They are used to getting by with their huge amount of optimism and favor from the universe and their foresight is impeccable.
Look down though!
Pay attention to EVERYTHING! Sagittarius will blow past restrictions and find a way for great outcomes, yet they would come out much smoother if they would actually take the time to write it out and actually have an agenda sometimes too.
They like to gamble.
A Sagittarius likes to see further than everyone else and presume that they have all to go just right. Much times this is true, but they also have to adjust their size of ego to get through the door!
This is where you lose your step and slip!
Try not to be overconfident in area that you may not have the backup. The universe is here to grant your wish, but only to help you and guide you as well. Asking for too much too soon can have you too much in over your head with different things to do and have you overwhelmed. You may have to go the distance with someone and really cover ground on what has gone wrong or right. (Since Mercury just came out of Scorpio) there are many ways that you can elevate and fly higher since your thoughts have fuel and are ready for take off.
You are on the quest for the truth! Mentally, Physically, and emotionally.
This is vital for your ascension.
Things should truly go up from here!
Up also meaning the amount of stress.
Asking the universe for BIG things require a lot preparation, motivation, and responsibility.
Oh because the universe will definitely serve you!
And if you arent ready? Well better luck next time right?
Sometimes we have to get what we asked for to see if that is what we really want or to be sure that you were truly READY.
Travel much?
Many will be taking a trip down memory lane as the Mercury Retrograde will be transiting towards the end of the month.. Much to reflect on…
Get your pen and paper now so that you can jot down what is needed for the trip!
Your success, your lover, your LIGHT is on the other side of your understanding.
You have to think BIG and be willing to go the distance.


Peace and Love!

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