Sun is in Scorpio!

This is a time for uncovering things in the dark. Scorpio is a sign that deals with sex, passion, intensity, regeneration, death, desire, places of discomfort and violations, lessons, and rebuilding.

Scorpio is a powerful sign that transforms through tough times and knows what to destroy in its path when using the power correctly.

Other times Scorpios can also deal with lack , possessiveness, obsessive behavior, sneakiness, manipulation and scandal.

Depends what end of the spectrum you are on and how you deal with this area of your life in your chart or with this sign in particular if you know any Sun sign, Moon, or Ascendant Scorpios.

Scorpio can HEAL you or KILL you. Whatever doesn’t KILL you makes you STRONGER.

Scorpios bring the pain and the lessons.

How else will you know your strength until you get past the Scorpion?

You have to know where you are weak at, and Scorpio will do JUST that.

With the Sun here for the next 30 days we are given just enough light to give attention to people, places and things that disturb us and what we may need to heal through for growth and elevation.

With Venus retrograding in Scorpio, there may be very intense moments  with love, money, funds, and assets. Things are further than you want or need them to be which causes  secrets, affairs, and discomfort for some, yet this is a sign that also mends things as you see others getting closer with reunions, closure and restoration.

Mercury is also in Scorpio which is helping you to learn, communicate and understand things on a Scorpio level….INVESTIGATIONS!

Scorpio is the ultimate investigator and crime solver! They have an eye for hunting! They see awesome opportunities and potential danger as Scorpios can be an excellent judge of character and sniff out any funny business. They are a fixed water sign with amazing intuition!

Sun in Scorpio is a hard placement as you pride, light, and ego are undergoing a major adjustment through this sign. The Sun is going through dark times and has to reflect on what can bring on great changes in your life and what may need to make its exit to make your life better and to see improvements.

This can be hard as many habits, people, and things that we love may have to be shed to continue on to the next phase.

All is well! Life has a way of spinning things back around when need be. Take this time as a great moment to get your revenge and come back better than before in places that you have taken major blows.

Peace and happy seeking!

You  shall get what you are looking for!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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