Full Moon in Taurus is about money, value, property, and things that can increase in appreciation. Amongst the Venus Retrograde which is in Scorpio) and the fact that  Mercury is in Scorpio (deep thinking), this is a time that people may be experiencing money woes and moments of lack or despair mentally , spiritually, emotionally, and of course in the physical sense.

With the Sun in Scorpio, this puts both signs at 180 degrees of each other, creating diamonds!!

Taurus is the Bank. Taurus is the Value. Taurus is the King/Queen of the Zodiac. Taurus is very RICH. they represent QUALITY!

Scorpio is the Hustle. The go-getter. They make something out of nothing. They regenerate. Whatever there is too much of ….Scorpio will rid itself of it.

Taurus is the POSSESSION. Scorpio is the DESIRE.

Taurus will feed Scorpio this evening….

Tonight is full of surprises!

Many will truly get to experience the effects of this moon because of what they put the work in for.

This is a time that you can truly see your magic come to life with the things that you have asked for  6 months ago.

New Moon In Taurus was May 15 2018. This was a time to speak beautiful things into Mama Moon as she would carry those intentions to manifest around this time.

Something or someone that you may have be waiting for will make its presence known.

What were you looking for?

Advancement and opportunity shall make it way to you!

Tonight make sure that you write your list and check it twice as you are making intentions to last for the next 6 months again!  You will also be sure to prepare for the Gemini Moon next Month as you want to always be a month or so ahead on your rituals so that you are just on the receiving end of your work.

All is well! Be sure to clear those negative vibes from your home or work space to get to the peace and ascension that you deserve!

NUMEROLOGY 10-24-2018= Know your cipher Use your wisdom and free yourself! There is wisdom in women today! There is much value in the home or family. Use this time to be closer and to heal. Take that as a sign or message from the universe!

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