Venus in Scorpio (Retrograde)


Venus in Scorpio (Retrograde)
Venus Retrogrades in Scorpio October 5-November 16 2018
This is a time for intense situations in your life regarding people, places and things. You will begin to see certain people and events reoccur and take place from different parts in your life for different reasons. I always call a retrograde “unfinished business” This is a place in your life that you must clean out your room and clear out all relationships that no longer serve you. Some of these relationships on the other hand are for reunions and do-overs .You may find yourself, in a situation coming face to face with an ex, old friend, old job, family reunion etc. This is a yard sale for life! What do you want to keep? What to get rid of? Who has value? Who drains your energy? This is vital! When the Venus goes direct November 16, you want to be able to truly move forward for what you do or don’t need. There are stagnant relationships and connections that you need to break free from. You have to reevaluate your ties to others, whether it be work related and changing directions with your career, you may need to reconsider a second chance with an ex or finally get a callback from a job for a position that you really wanted.
Speaking of old flames..
They WILL return..
This may be by phone call, text, direct message, etc. Or the good ole “run into them in public” scene. If you care make sure you look your best and be ready to put your best foot forward. If you have truly healed and moved on, be clear about it so that this can be a clean break for both of you especially if THEY haven’t moved on and need closure. This helps you to get to the next phase with no lingering emotions on what could have been and what was. The same is for friendships and family members. There is a reason that you may have severed ties with someone with good cause. The retrograde will spin them back around to make amends or to at least get you the apology that you were looking for that is well deserved or also give you the opportunity to speak your peace on some subjects as well and give you the harmony as a bonus!

As you let some people back into your life, you get to learn your lessons with who you let through the cracks. Think about people that you just KNEW you shouldn’t have let come back around and they slowly but surely brought their typical ways to seep into the atmosphere.
THERE is your lesson.
Trust yourself next time. If there is one.. Sometimes things are just as they are so that you move and think faster in different situations.
Your money may take a hit as well if there are lose ends that need to be tied dealing with your finances, property, or with shared resources with others, (contracts, and legalities). Be sure to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s so that everything is fair and square as this transits back to Libra later on in the month (October 31). You will have a chance to renegotiate somethings and change the terms.
Go to the clinic! Get a check up! This is a great time to return to the doctor as when Venus was in Libra, the Sun was also in Virgo, so that was the time to gain a routine with your health and wellness. Go and make sure you are clear and safe in all areas that concern you or that just haven’t had much attention in awhile so that you are up and in order and in shape for when grand Jupiter swooshes into Sagittarius.
Venus retrograde deals with discomfort and lack, imagine your love and money being put in a place that is further away from you than you would like, this doesn’t feel so good..this actually really sucks!!
Or does it??
Come on! You can get through this!! This is just proving to yourself what you can do without, and from there you will see that it may not be something that you really needed after all. Think drugs, sex, money, unnecessary spending, splurges, urges, clubbing, etc. The less you can do withOUT, the LESS these things control you.
Trust me.
And its good for you it will be more intense and more appreciated once you are reunited with it/them.
All is well!
You will do great as long as you work out your mind, body, and spirit, you will be ready for whatever Scorpio throws at you. As Venus is the cushion that softens the impact of the pain is far and is in the distance you will have to learn to stand alone.
You are great!
Peace and Love! 

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