“Power in Partnerships” (Power in GOD)

This season you can be sure of peaceful negotiations, beautiful art, words, music, legal favor, and the harmony we are searching for..

But first the CONTRACT..

Sun in Libra isn’t necessarily a great place for the Sun to be for certain signs, because the Sun is Exalted in Aries when you are making a breakthrough with your power, independence, and drive. It is a great position to move fast about starting something and wanting fast results. (Also because Spring is the best time of the year for new beginnings.)

When the Sun is in Libra, you have to take a backseat or take turns driving, and give special attention to your partner, group, or team.

This is a time when you may need to use your people skills and commit to teamwork on a project, in a relationship, or in a business.

You might need to get to the bottom of somethings that may be in the way when it comes to communication and having fair exchanges dealing with your personal connections and relationships (clients, students, colleagues, spouse etc.) Mercury in Libra will teach you how to talk and be sure to get your message sent to who needs to hear it. The Sun will shine light and guide you through so that you leave everything and everyone intact and peaceful.

Watch out for indecisive, sneaky, two-faced and shady behavior from ones that may not know how to fully express their need or intentions.

Be sure that it isn’t you that is the one that is too hasty or using sarcasm as a way to vent.


Divide the pie equally.

The harmony is there, use the LAW of Divine Oneness to see things clearer.

Peace and Love!

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