This means that this is a time to communicate with peace and harmony.

As Mercury is the communication planet that brings sound mind and reasoning to any situation you encounter and gives you the ability to learn and be a student.

Mercury is the planet that delivers the message.

When you put Mercury in Libra the message should come with a beautiful tune or a poem.

Libra is an air sign that loves to flow in balance and cooperate with all other signs wants to do its job for the group.

Libras like to work together. They are cardinal signs that will initiate partnerships and teamwork, they thrive best in a group or on a team.

This could be a group project or a finally being able to communicate properly with a spouse.

This will also be a time that people will be admitting feelings for a friend, or proposals for love and business. This transit will also bring great favor with court dealings and contact with authority figures.

This is a great time to get fair advice from someone who you know and trust, make deals, make purchases etc, as long as there are any major aspects to other planets, especially the ones that a retrograding. These could turn your luck into lessons.

While Mercury is in Libra can talk with compromise, this can bring wonderful results!

Be mindful of being indecisive, dependent, phony, and sometimes being materialistic in some areas.

Sometimes you have to choose!

Mercury ruling Mutable air sign Gemini and Mutable earth sign Virgo, there is strong relation to those balancing Libra scales. Someone may have a hard time making a selection and leave things pending…

You can make a great transit when you decide on whats fair for everyone. Universal laws anyone?

Peace and Love!

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