Full Moon in Aries is dealing with your impulses, your power, leadership and where you like to start things.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign.

Aries will initiate their dealings with others because they are not shy, and feel there is much to get done. They come up with quick ideas and solutions and like to move fast with focus and purpose.

As the first sign, they are used to leading the way and using bravery to light the path for all the other 11 signs for the journey.

When there is a Full Moon in Aries, this is a great moment for you pushing past your comfort zones and completely letting go!

This Full Moon is like the spark to all the other Moon phases for the next year. This is a place that you want to be clear with your intentions and have focused energy.

Aries keywords are “I AM” The beginning of ALL!!

This is your identity and how you identify with yourself.  What do you like to be called? How do you SEE yourself? Your physical body?

Tonight this is a time to truly shine some light on those areas of your life and where?

Whichever house you have it in will be a place that you will determine where you are the most active (or should be) when it comes to your plans, goals, and overall health.

Your emotions in that areas will be highlighted and show you where you need the most work and to put in the most effort.

All is well! This is that start to something wonderful and true!

Peace and Love!

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Tonight you can light red candles as you are pulling in the heat and gaining your power and strength for plans.


Sage your home or workspace.

Write down your intentions.

Write them in Red Ink.

Fold and put under the candle.

Light candle and let burn as long as possible.

Play a fast paced song that gets your energy going and gets you excited.

Pull one card for Tarot or from REGULAR DECK.

Give yourself a quick read with the card. Write down the card and the meaning.

(Open on full moon in Taurus)


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