2013 - September - Venus in SC Pallas in LE - A Pulsar's Hand - P Slane (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) et al, CXC, NASA

Venus In Scorpio is all about deep involvement, passion, solid choices, transformations, and endings.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra which are love, money, beauty, art, and being together in peace and harmony.

Scorpio is a dark sign that represents death, regeneration, endings, pain, healing, lack, and resentment. This is a sign that likes control and can be possessive and manipulative.

Venus in Scorpio you can expect for things to get intense with a lover or partner. This intensity has its positive and negative influences.

This could be a lover with secrets or a secret affair. This could also be a reunion for a couple taking another shot at the relationship that may require a second chance or do overs. In other relationships there may be lack and disappointment that result in a breakup or divorce.

This is from emotions that fixed sign Scorpio conjures up. It will make you think of things that disturb you, and ignite revenge, resentment, and other negative emotions that you may be harboring. Change your energy to get to your love or pleasure.

When it comes to funds or money, this is a good time to truly HUSTLE!

You are creating something out of nothing and making it work!

This may be a time where money may be tight and not  flowing as it normally does for some. This all depends on what choices you made last transit. (Venus In Libra)

When you are in balanced sign Libra all deals are fair and negations usually go through with little or not too much effort from anyone.

Now that Venus is in Scorpio, you are making solid choices, and living with that choice, even if its uncomfortable.

You have to go through the discomfort to truly appreciate the comfort!

This is where Scorpio comes in to destroy and rebuild wherever there is the most damage to get you back on solid ground again.

Pay attention Around October 5, 2018 when Venus begins retrograding and you get to look at your life, love, money, and lack at a different perspective.

Love can be as deep as the pain sometimes…

All is well! As long as you know your boundaries, you will prevail, if no other time it should be through this transit.

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