Mercury in Virgo is all about mind, logic, reasoning, health, and routines.

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, representing the mind, thoughts, creativity, communication, and responsibilty of connecting with “common sense”.

Mercury in Virgo is an Exaltation!

When in Virgo, Mercury is at home and will do what it normally does yet on another level because the natural flow of routine, service, and extra scrutiny will be very sharp!

The scientist has all his tools and is about to perform a full lenthy operation in your life!

Virgo is also known as the beautiful virgin, very careful and meticulous with every person, place, or thing that she comes into contact with.

Virgos are know for being over analytical, very specific, and detailed oriented. They love perfection! Everything has to be just right with no mistakes!

Think about when Venus was in Virgo and you were being ever so mindful with who you gave your affection to or spent time with and you broke everything down to the dime about your money? New jobs, new love? New interests?

Well now you are adding more thought to your conversation and can gain the clarity you need to unfold answers you have been needing in that area of your life.

Where do you have Virgo in your Chart?

Your eyes and ears shall be opened and perked up to new ideas, friends, routines, ways of serving others, and being a great asset to your community, and other loves.

Be sure not to overdo the FACTS and info and remember to have fun. Virgos seem to always be on duty, sometimes forget to take breaks. Overthinking can take away from your beautiful imagination and ability to relax in your resting state.

Maintaining a rhythm in your conversation as you collect information and you get the understanding that you came for.

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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