Uranus Retrograde


Uranus Retrograde from August 7, 2018 January 6, 2019

This is a time to really use yourself and trust what you are capable of.

Uranus is a planet of risky behavior.

Uranus is a planet that you have to understand to truly get the most out of the planet, as Uranus is a very incredible planet that will switch up the game plan as fast as it was conceived.

The rebellious planet that usually brings the chaos and confusion, yet stimulates your intelligence and creativity will have you spinning out of control.

The ruler of Aquarius heavily influences how you get your message and purpose to the world in your own unique way.

Aquarius is also the humanitarian, the one that share with the world, and do anything to help save and shape the lives of the world.

Uranus adds the pressure and the change that will have you finding special, and unique ways to utilize your intelligence and navigate yourself through unexpected situations.

Uranus is the risk taker.



Wherever you have Uranus in your chart is where you were rolling the dice in your life, which can either help you or hurt you.

Uranus is in Taurus

Taurus is the money, value, and material wealth that you possess in your life, these are your property, assets, and your body.

Uranus in Taurus is risks and taking chances with your value.

This means the potential of incredible gains, and/or loss in a particular area in your life.

With Uranus retrograding now there are past situations that may reappear for lessons or bliss!

Anytime there is a place that you were taking a chance on something or someone and either suffered the consequences or never got to see the results, this is the time to see the other side of things now.

You will get the objective view on past decisions that will help you with current ones.

I’m sure that all will go in your favor and you will do well!

Happy transiting!

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