Sun Enters Leo

Its Leo Season!!



July 23-August 22, 2018

This is a time of shining your light and getting much done! Leos are ruled by the Sun and represent children, creativity, fun, celebrations, and using your confidence!
Leo is the Superstar of the Zodiac. They live to be seen and heard and command attention everywhere they go! They love to bring the light into ANY situation! Where do you have Leo in your Birth chart?
You may see people having babies, announcing pregnancies, falling in love, getting married etc. This is a time that children will have the drivers seat! All season people will be dealing with children more than ever or tuning into their “inner child” and using their imagination. Leo love to be artistic and they love bright colors! You can always tell when someone has a Leo Ascendant or Moon by the way they wear their hair and get things done.

Leo is ruled by the Sun.

The Sun helps to encourage growth! Light is to reveal things and shed light in areas that may need it. Where in your life do you need to put some attention on? What about your life needs exposure?

Mercury in Leo.

This is thinking out loud. What needs to be spoken on in your life and expressed? What is your way of getting your thoughts out to the world? Mercury is retrograding right now so make sure that you are being tactful as somethings need to be said in specific company or not at all.

The Sun is the Source to all!

Leo is the heart of the Zodiac.

Even though they tend to be dramatic and with the antics they will do anything for the one that they love.
This fixed sign is extremely loyal and are always for you. Once they have the courage to show you their heart,, they will stand strong in their love for you and protect, just like a Lion. One of the other traits of a Leo is their temper. This is a place in your life where you can get going really quick and a place where you can be pretty impulsive and assertive without much thought to what you are doing.
Do you like to party? SO does the LEO!

The Leos get the party started and like to have fun wherever they go! Sometimes too much fun and things can get out of hand. Be mindful as there are still other planets retrograding and that can change much or put a little of shade and a damper on that shining Sun during this season. SO much is going backwards, it may be hard to focus on the bright beautiful things in front of you.

All is well! Stay dedicated to what you want for self and stay confident in your expressions!
Peace to all the Leos!



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