Mercury in Cancer


“Emotional Thinking”

This is dealing with your communication and how you relate to others. You may see yourself become more sensitive with your words or feel sensitive from what someone else may have said to you. This is dealing with your intuition as well. There may be more to what someone has said and you can feel the intent whether it was with love or malice.

Mercury is a planet representing your logic and reasoning and also a planet that will adapt to any situation because of how fast it moves it can sometimes leave one feeling confused or all over the place.

Imagine doing that with your emotions.

Cancer is a sign that represents your emotions, your foundation, memory, intuition, and comfort. This sign also deals with family, specifically women and your home life.

This is what happens with Mercury in Cancer. There are emotions that are literally with no seatbelt just riding all over the Universe that may need to be stopped.

This all depends on their destination.

Where do you have Mercury in your chart? What house is it transiting through?

This is important to know!

You need to know if you are the one that may need the comforting and nurturing or if you are needed in that department. For some this could mean pregnancy, caring for loved ones, or inspiring a friend or child with your encouraging words.

This is a learning period for some and a teaching period for others. You can make changes as you graduate through the degrees of family ,love, and forgiveness as this transit will be bring around situations and/or events that can possibly bring families together and bring clarity to many situations.

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Peace and Love!
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