Numerology for the Day


Tuesday May 29, 2018 (Day of Mars)

Being active in social settings is great today! Network to get the best of your business, product, or service to others with passion and excitement! Show your peers why they should invest in you! Try not to be too impulsive as your ideas and plans can end up in the right hands at the wrong time or the wrong hands at the perfect time for you to soar! All is a lesson! Pay attention to get the most of this influence.

Moon- Sagittarius- Taking your dreams and making them grow larger than ever! This is when you are surrounded by the right and quality group of people.

Tonight Full Moon in Sagittarius! Go to the Full Moon Link for

Full Moon sessions!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

🌟JUST BE.🌟 Astrologer. Intuitive Coach. Professional Organizer. Natal Chart Readings, Dream Interpretations, Tarot Cards, Color Therapy, Numerology, etc. (407) 706-8330

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