Venus in Cancer


“Pleasurable Emotions” (May 19, 2018- June 13, 2018)

Feeling good, looking good, and having a strong foundation is vital.

When you have love around you, you begin to appreciate things more and tend to feel more confident and secure in areas that give you a certain “boost” in life.

Family is important, home life is important, and comfort in these places is what truly secures us in this world.

We all just want to belong.

And searching for that group of people, that place, or that thing that lets you know that everything is alright is what drives the car of happiness in our lives!

This is a special transit that will give you a warm and cozy feeling where you have this in your birth chart and help you see the beauty, peace and serenity in your experiences!

Don’t forget the retrograding planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) spinning back karma, lessons, and hard work.

Venus in Cancer is like the lemonade and cookies that calls to you when feel overwhelmed.

You are loved.

Where you have Cancer in your chart is where you require emotional security. This is a place where your emotions are considered, and is a safe place for you to be vulnerable to others.

You will be accepted and receive the justice and balance in this sore spot, where you once had painful memories. Cancer represents your intuition, memory and adds depth to your “regular” senses, you will find yourself having powerful intuitive episodes and dreams that will help you around people and navigate you towards your bliss or away from danger. Just listen.

You will find yourself more nurturing and caring towards others. This transit will add a soft cushy landing for yourself and others, where normally things might fall flat and painful.

Many families getting started, many babies being born, many will be getting settled in their new homes or nesting for a new arrival.

Making your immediate environment at or at work more beautiful will be easy for you! Plants, fresh paint on your personal items, cleaning out your closets, yardwork etc.

Charitable acts are in the air! You will do this with much enthusiasm and vigor!

Love your family. Eat good food. Relax.

Be around the ones you care most about and show them that you value them.

Be mindful of moodiness, being insensitive, laziness, clingy or overemotional, certain aspects in your Natal Chart can instigate these traits.

You aren’t wrong. You just aren’t alone. Others have to dwell here too.

All is well!

Peace and Love!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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