Uranus in Taurus


Uranus in Taurus “Influential Value”

May 15, 2018 Uranus went into the constellation of Taurus.

The Rebel has value.

Uranus is what I call the unique, and intelligent game changer, the rare unicorn that will turn the world upside down if it ever got the chance….

Well this is it! We are already in the “Age of Aquarius”, a time where we all take our need to be different, appealing, or unforgettable, while changing lives all at the same time.

I call Uranus the rebel because of how things may play out sometimes, things can go really well or fall back on you hard.

This amazing planet brings about drastic changes, yet the changes may not always go in your favor. This is more like a good luck bad luck type of energy that it brings to your life, wherever you have it in your chart can bring you smiles or have you frowning up at a lesson you have learned.

Uranus is unique and different! They bring the new ways of doing things and offer the ultimate personality for Aquarius’ (or the area you have it in your chart).

The Game Changer.

As we are in the Age of Aquarius right now, you can see how Uranus has kicked in with our newer generations and has us experiencing technology and “New Age” ways of going about our ideas and plans and how to use our voices.

You will see the coming of organized groups, clubs, and organizations take their operations to another level!

Different types of music, hairstyles, clothes, phones, computers ,toys and new inventions shall be filling the shelves! The food industry is gonna go to another level!

Uranus in Taurus gives these special or unheard of ideas a serious push.

Taurus is where the money goes….

Taurus is representing money, gold, assets, property etc. This is a very rich sign that likes the finer things in life. Taurus’ love quality, value, and appreciation!

So sending the Rebel with a good heart into the world with gold can mean a good thing right?

Of course!

The Humanitarian gets a huge loan!

You can seriously push the envelope and make a difference in the world, because the rest of the world will be seeing things through that lens too. As Mercury is in Taurus has everyone thinking and communicating about how much staying power new businesses, ideas and inventions have and they may be ready to CASH IN!

Think investments, financial assistance from banks/institutions, loans, from a wealthy friend/ family member or from someone with serious connections.

Someone may see what you see and help you RISE!

On the other hand this odd, yet eccentric planet can also pull in some consequences i not used correctly and depending on the other aspects in your chart.

This could mean unpredictable changes to your finances, loss, embarrassment, loss of respect and recognition.

Your reputation can take a bruise if yo don’t clearly set out your objectives to he world.

If not presented with confidence, you could be received poorly and feel like a singled out misfit.

As Pluto, Saturn,, and Jupiter are all retrograding, there could be lasting effects.

All is well! Enjoy your time of specialness and spin it back to other planets that need that inspiration!

Be not afraid! You are in control!

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Author: peacebyyaaris

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